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Super Terrible Fall! The Emerald that is Born Within the Magic World! (ドタバタでヤバスギ!魔法界に生まれたエメラルド! Dotabata de Yabasugi! Mahō Kai ni Umareta Emerarudo!?) is the 20th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 605th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Mirai and Riko rush through the mysterious door and manage to locate Kouchou facing off againt Dokurokushe.


As the girls are heading through the mysterious door, Kouchou is shown to have located Dokurokushe and Yamoh's location. Yamoh respectfully greets him but Kouchou isn't in the mood for pleasantries, warning them that if he continues to try endangering the Magic World he will be forced to put a stop to them. He is nearly caught off-guard by Batty, who refuses to let him threaten their goals of locating the Emerald Linkle Stone.

Meanwhile, Riko and Mirai have just returned to where they started with some grapes they found within the door. They try again and this time wind up in a location selling strawberry melon bread. They purchase some and return once more, and as Mirai explains how she suddenly was thinking about eating some, it dons on Riko that the door must take people to wherever they are thinking about- both Mirai and Mofurun were thinking about food, so they ended up in locations with said food items.

They try once again, and this time they manage to find the Headmaster- only to see that they are right in the middle of a dark area where he and Batty are preparing to do battle. Shocked by the display, the girls helplessly back up until they return to where they were before. After they calm down the girls return to the location and apologize for the interruption, but this time the door vanishes. Before the girls can determine what is going on, Dokurokushe realizes they have the Linkle Smartbook and with his dark magic, he attempts to take it. As Yamoh tries convincing him not to bring harm to his elderly body, Kouchou uses his light magic to deflect the attack and it transforms into his wand. He checks if the girls are okay before angrily telling them not to harm his students. He then goes on to reveal that he knows Dokurokushe, much to the girls' surprise.

Dokurokushe slowly rises and introduces himself, and Kouchou explains how it's been his duty for a long time to keep dark magic sealed. It's considered forbidden because of how dangerous it is, and it was a talented magician who managed to discover them, a former figure of the school and his friend. Crystal Ball appears to explain that a long time ago, the three of them were researching to prevent an oncoming calamity that was said could be stopped with the Emerald Linkle Stone. Kushe was desperate to find something to replace it when they couldn't find the Emerald, and he began to surround himself with books of the dangerous arts until they overtook him.

Kouchou asks him how he could be alive now when he was supposed to be dead, and Yamoh reveals that he no longer possesses a human soul. His never-ending greed became a hollow shell that searches for more power, and the Emerald is what he needs to reach perfection. Dokurokushe yells out and everyone firmly remains standing as Kouchou realizes he has no choice. With his light magic, he transforms into a stronger being to push back the overwhelming darkness threatening them. Batty attempts to stop him but the light magic overpowers him and shatters the skull on top of his wand, throwing him to the ground.

Kouchou begins to summon a large burst of light magic and reveals that to this day, the reason he went through sealing his magic was so that he could focus all of it on a moment like this. Their magic collides but the darkness overpowers his light, and to the girls' alarm, Kouchou has transformed into his true form of an old man. He apologizes to the girls for his failure as the Crystal Ball -who also looks old- explains that all of his power was used up. Dokurokushe struggles to keep standing, worrying Yamoh until he tells him to stop, and he uses his magic to grab the girls and take the Linkle Smartbook from them.

They demand he return Ha-chan back and they transform into Ruby Style Cure Magical and Cure Miracle. They attempt to fight Dokurokushe but he summons a large dark shield that releases a large gust of wind, pushing everyone back and forcing him down again. Yamoh worriedly tries telling Batty that he can't keep using this magic, but he releases another large blast as the girls attempt to attack him with their flames. They are thrown to the ground and Mofurun worriedly runs over to them as Dokurokushe reaches for the Smartbook that was dropped in the struggle. Before he can, Koucho uses what little light magic he has left to prevent him, but Dokurokushe once again throws him back.

Koucho refuses to give up regardless of the pain this is causing him because he will prevent his students no matter what. Miracle and Magical force themselves to stand as well, telling him not to give up because everyone is waiting for him back at the school. They learned that one must take action, no matter how hard things become, they learned that they can't give up. They learned these things in both worlds, and they know that regardless of what knowledge they have, everyone can continue to learn new things.

They demand Ha-chan back, unaware of the large tree and the plants surrounding it beginning to glow. Sensing this, Dokurokushe prepares to grab it with his dark magic so quickly the girls use Ruby Passionale, but Dokurokushe uses his magic to transport everyone outside and they begin to see how much magic was storied within this area because of the Emerald. The Linkle Stone on Mofurun's bow vanishes, causing the girls to return to normal as it joins the others to surround the light, and a beam shoots out to summon the Emerald; the Linkle Stone of Life.

Batty attempts to grab the Linkle Stone for Dokurokushe, but its light magic completely eats away at him. Yamoh then realizes that this is why they required the Linkle Smartbook, as it would be the only way for Dokurokushe to wield the stone safely. Dokurokushe uses the Smartbook to take the Emerald, and he infuses it with himself, causing the darkness to grow stronger and overtake the Magic World as he transforms into a skeletal monster.

Major Events

  • The Cures meet Dokurokushe and Yamoh for the first time.
  • Kouchou becomes an old man.
  • The Linkle Stone Emerald appears, but Dokurokushe obtains it first and becomes stronger.
  • Batty is defeated.
  • It's hinted that Dokurokushe used to be a professor at the Magic School.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • The Cures use their Ruby Style forms in this episode.
  • This episode features flashbacks of almost every episode prior to this one.
  • Like in episodes 16 and 19, the transformation sequence is shortened.
  • When Kouchou is preparing to attack Dokurokushe for the first time, his magic circle has the words kiseki, maho, and shukufuku in it. Kiseki ("miracle") and maho ("magic") are used by Cure Miracle and Cure Magical in their transformations speech and is also a reference to their names. Shukufuku ("blessing") foreshadows the appearance of Cure Felice two episodes later, who uses that word in her transformation speech.


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