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STOP! Dark Magic! Pretty Cure VS Dokurokushe! (STOP!闇の魔法!プリキュアVSドクロクシー! STOP! Yami no Mahō! Purikyua VS Dokurokushī!?) is the 21st episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 606th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Dokurokushe's growing power consumes both the Magic World and Ha-chan, and the Cures summon the power of the Linkle Stones for a final battle against him.


A storm rages on as the large tree begins to wither, darkness spreads around both the Magic World and the Non Magic World. Kouchou tries to make one last plea to Dokurokushe to listen and convince the girls to leave, but they refuse. Mirai demands that he returns Ha-chan but Yamoh points out that because he's already absorbed the Linkle Smartbook her attempts are meaningless. As the darkness continues to spread everyone worries over the girls and their safety.

Gusts of wind continue to howl as the darkness continues to be released. Mirai remains strong and holds Riko's hand when she starts to weaken, and this causes her to remember the various moments where Mirai has come through for her and how she always managed to raise her spirits. They stand together and in the distance, Mofurun picks up a sweet scent as a light appears. Suddenly, the Linkle Stones appear before the girls and allows them to transform back into Cure Miracle and Cure Magical. Yamoh isn't surprised as he recalls the legend, and he reasons that Dokurokushe will be fine because he too has a great power now.

A fight ensues and Dokurokushe releases small dark creatures to fight the girls, but they easily manage to evade and Cure Miracle casts magic using the Amethyst linkle stone to teleport both girls above Dokurokushe to attack him head on. He swings his large fists to push them away, and begins shooting out dark energy, which Cure Magical is capable of blocking using the Moon Stone to form a shield. Miracle uses the Garnet to send out waves of light magic that makes everything begin to struggle for balance, and with Magical they knock Dokurokushe over by hitting his head. Then they hit him a few more times before he manages to retaliate, grabbing Magical and tossing her aside, which distracts Miracle and allows him to hit her.

Dokurokushe gathers more energy from both worlds, including Yamoh, who willingly hands himself over for absorption. Dokurokushe takes his soul, along with the energy he's gathered and he grows even larger and stronger, capable of moving quickly and nearly keeping up with the girls. He separates his hands to chase after them, using one to grab Kouchou and attempt to absorb him as well, but the girls quickly deflect the oncoming dark magic and bust the wrist of the hand, freeing their Principal.

Just then, a green light starts shining from Dokurokushe and the girls recognize it as belonging to Ha-chan. Mofurun floats by with Crystal Ball to announce smelling a strong sweetness. The girls use their diamond Linkle Stone abilities to summon a large gemstone of magic that blocks the oncoming blast of dark magic from Dokurokushe, and they tell him that even if he swallows up everything they will continue fighting, because he could never take away their power to save Ha-chan. Dokurokushe launches his hands against to grab the girls. But the green light suddenly rises from Dokurokushe, and recognizing it as Ha-chan brings the girls relief, and they cast Diamond Eternal to purify him.

As the Linkle Smartbook slowly floats down to the girls, everyone starts to panic witnessing a large, monstrous shadow with glowing eyes appear to try harming the girls. Crystal Ball reasons that even though Dokurokushe was defeated, his greed cannot be deterred that easily. However, Ha-chan appears before everyone, and in a flash of light she grows into an older girl. She uses her magic to make the greed and darkness evaporate, and from within the remaining light Kouchou sees Kushe's soul, and Ha-chan leads it towards the sky before vanishing with it in a flash of light.

Around both worlds, the darkness clears up and life begins to return. On a tree is a sleeping bat, which awakens and flies away.

Not seeing Ha-chan, the girls call out but get no response. Mofurun picks up a sweet smell and believes it is coming from her, and she assures the girls that they will meet one-another again.

Major Events


Pretty Cure



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  • The Cures use their Dia Style forms in this episode.


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