STOP! Dark Magic! Pretty Cure VS Dokurokushe! (STOP!闇の魔法!プリキュアVSドクロクシー! STOP! Yami no Mahō! Purikyua VS Dokurokushī!?) is the 21st episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 606th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Dokurokushe's growing power consumes both the Magic World and Ha-chan, and the Cures summon the power of the Linkle Stones to defeat him. However, Ha-chan has disappeared into a distant world...

Major Events


Continuing from the previous episode after Dokurokushe swallows the Linkle Stone Emerald inserted on the Linkle Smartbook that has a sleeping Ha-chan inside, Dokurokushe goes through a big transformation. Not only does his power cover the Magic World with darkness, but the power of darkness also covers the No Magic World. Riko has a look of terror on her face as she stares up at Dokurokushe, but Mirai's expression is different.

With Mirai's words of "Return Ha-chan!", Riko manages to regain her courage. The eleven Linkle Stones appear once again thanks to the two girls feelings, allowing them to transform into the Dia Style Pretty Cure to challenge Dokurokushe. However, they are not strong enough because Dokurokushe decides to absorb everything, especially Yamoh.

Dokurokushe is still trying to seek more power to become even stronger, but Cure Miracle and Cure Magical refuse to let him do that. Thanks to their strong feelings, Ha-chan manages to escape Dokurokushe's body. Not wanting to miss the opportunity, the Cures use the power of miracles, Diamond Eternal to eliminate Dokurokushe.

Although the Cure's miraculous power purified Dokurokushe, a nagging desire of hatred will strike but a mysterious light will appear to get rid of it. The darkness that covered the worlds disappears and smiles return to everyone's faces. But Ha-chan does not appear in front of Mirai and Riko. According to Mofurun, she might be in a distant world...


Pretty Cures



Secondary Characters


  • The Cures use their Dia Style forms in this episode.


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