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A Legend Has Sprouted! Cure Felice is Born! (芽生える新たな伝説!キュアフェリーチェ誕生! Mebaeru Aratana Densetsu! Kyua Ferīche Tanjō!?) is the 22nd episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 607th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


As Mirai and Riko lament over Ha-chan's disappearance, a mysterious genie named Labut curiously revives Yamoh. Upon his return, Yamoh retrieves some of Dokurokushe's bones, which allow him to summon stronger Yokubaru. Just as the Cures are at the mercy of one of them, a mysterious girl appears...


Everyone is getting their tests returned but neither Riko or Mirai seem to be focusing at the time as it's announced Riko has taken the number one spot as the top scoring student in the school.

In a lush, green forest stands a mysterious girl with long pink hair. Meanwhile, Kouchou -who has regained his youthful appearance- is having tea while conversing with a friend and updating him on the Emerald Linkle Stone. He explains that while it appeared, it vanished along with the little fairy who resided in the Linkle Smartbook. He believes she appeared to guide the lingering darkness to the heavens. The man on the other line goes on to ask how "she" is, and Kouchou answers that "she" has made a good friend and is now in the Non Magic World, such as himself.

After school, Riko modestly tries to say her score was only natural because she studied a lot. She goes on to complain about the hot weather, as she isn't used to it. Back in the Magic World it's always spring, because the seasons reside in various locations- words that surprise Mirai until Riko reminds her of Icy Island, a land that is always in winter. For a moment the girls begin to feel sad again now that Ha-chan is gone, but Mirai quickly recalls that she was asked to lend a hand at the shop and suggests heading home.

There, Riko assists in preparing to open the shop by handling some cleaning. Mirai is loudly humming to herself as she goes to put an emptied box away, which seems to cause a little concern in Kyoko. She apologizes to Riko for having her help out but Riko insists it's fine, given that they have done so much for her. Kyoko goes on to say that Riko has been doing a lot for them as well, including Mirai's grades improving since she's been studying with her. She is also someone that Mirai can confide in when she can't come to her, and she's aware that something is wrong; so she is very thankful to Riko for standing by her side. Just then Mirai returns to the room to announce she finished, and Kyoko thanks the girls before telling them that they can come to her if they ever need to speak about something.

In the forest, the mysterious pink-haired girl is taking in everything around her. She observes a dragonfly as it approaches her and flies away.

That night Riko is studying and she uses magic to levitate several items, but upon realizing one is the Linkle Smartbook she becomes distracted. After deciding something she gets up to speak to Mirai, just to open the door to find her standing outside of it. They decide to hop on their brooms and go for a ride through the relaxing, clear night sky. They fly up to a certain point to overlook the town and the ocean surrounding it. Riko asks Mirai what has been bothering her, and she asks if they should look for Ha-chan again. Riko reminds her that they have already tried several times, every lead has led them to nothing, there's nothing else to go with. Mofurun begins to cry so Mirai comforts her, and Riko confesses that her mind has been on something else.

Lately she has been considering whether or not things would be better if she returned to the Magic World. She only came here to locate the Emerald, but with what happened now it's not possible to obtain it yet. She believes that by returning to the Magic World and focusing on her studies, she will eventually became good enough to not only become the best magician, but to also find the Emerald and Ha-chan. She goes on to suggest that because tomorrow is a day off they should spend it doing something really fun. After Mirai agrees the girls continue to stare at the lovely evening sky.

Just then, Crystal Ball alerts Kouchou that she senses another calamity. As this is going on, the man who was speaking to Kouchou locates a broken, dirtied magic lamp in the ground. However, it is said that in this moment a light in the form of a life shall return.

The genie who has broken out from the lamp takes a moment to stretch and he complains, observing how much has changed in the time he's been asleep. He uses his magic to transport to the large tree of the Magic School and happens to spot the piece of Yamoh's tail that was pulled off a while ago, and with his magic he revives him. Yamoh is very confused as he observes himself, and he calls out to Dokurokushe, causing bones to appear before him. He curses the Pretty Cure to see Dokurokushe in such a state and storms off, leading the genie to wonder what Pretty Cure are.

The following day Mirai and Riko observe some cute accessories and pick up some sweets, which they head out to the park to enjoy. Yamoh suddenly appears and he uses the bone with him to turn the sky dark and summon a Yokubaru, the girls are startled by this as they don't understand how this could be happening again. Unknown to them the Genie has followed Yamoh to see what he was up to.

The girls transform into Cure Miracle and Cure Magical and the Yokubaru releases a blast of dark energy, horrifying Miracle as she observes the land surrounding them begin to wither. Yamoh tells them to give up after the girls are attacked relentlessly, but they refuse and summon their Linkle Sticks. Magical shields them with the Moon Stone while Miracle uses the Tanzanite to blast light magic at the Yokubaru. It manages to dispel their magic and knock them back, and the girls begin to feel hopeless; Miracle despairing over losing those close to her, while Magical becomes aware that wanting to go on her own to find Ha-chan is impossible if they have to keep fighting against the darkness.

Mofurun uses a Linkle Stone to summon a drink, which then gives her a mustache. The Cures are confused until she reminds them of Ha-chan trying the drink, when the same thing happened to her. They were laughing, and had smiles, so she was smiling too. Mofurun reasons that the girls can't quit smiling, or else Ha-chan won't be smiling when she returns. The girls realize she is right and they stand as Yamoh tells the Yokubaru to finish them off.

Just then, the Linkle Smartbook has started to glow. Mofurun detects a very sweet scent, and the book floats up. The mysterious pink-haired girl appears and holds the book, which opens to release flowery light magic that washes away the darkness from the area. The girl reveals that she has the Emerald Linkle Stone and uses it with the Smartbook to become Cure Felice. The girls and Yamoh are very surprised realizing that the Emerald had a Pretty Cure, and he commands the Yokubaru to take it. Felice effortlessly stops it with one hand, and after a moment to observe her newfound strength, she tosses it high into the air. As it turns around to come back she floats up to meet it and throws it down into the ground. She goes on to perform Emerald Reincarnation to purify the Yokubaru.

Yamoh takes off while threatening revenge, along with the Genie, who tries to determine his next move.

After returning to normal the girls anxiously approach the mysterious girl, Riko bombarding her with several questions, like why she has the Emerald, how she can use the Smartbook, and why she's a Pretty Cure. Something dons on Mirai just as the girl turns around with a big smile for them, and they realize that she is Ha-chan. She embraces the girls while confirming this and they begin to happily weep.

Major Events

  • Hanami Kotoha appears and transforms into Cure Felice for the first time.
  • Cure Felice performs Emerald Reincarnation for the first time.
  • Yamoh appears after being sucked into Dokurokushe's body and uses Dokurokushe's bones to power up the Yokubaru.
  • A new villain appears named Labut.
  • Dokkin♢Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! Part2 and Magic À La・Thanks! are used as the new OP and ED respectively.
  • Along with the new OP and ED change, there is also a change of eyecatch to include Hanami Kotoha, Ha-chan is added to the subtitle screen when the episode reveals the title of the episode.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • Cure Miracle and Cure Magical use their Dia Style forms in this episode.
  • The Cures switch to their summer casual clothes and school uniforms.
  • Like the Sapphire Style and Ruby Style transformations, Dia Style is the third transformation in the season to be shortened.


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