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Together From Now On! Welcome Back, Ha-chan! (これからもよろしく!おかえり、はーちゃん! Korekara mo Yoroshiku! Okaeri, Hā-chan!?) is the 23rd episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 608th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Hanami Kotoha is welcomed in by Mirai and Riko as an official member of their Pretty Cure team! But while trying to adjust to her new lifestyle, she begins to learn what it was that made her a Cure in the first place.


The girls stand in disbelief while observing Ha-chan's grown form to a girl their age. They feel at ease knowing she's okay but when they begin to ask her questions she isn't able to provide an answer right away, so they take her to get some strawberry melon bread; she eats a whole pile of them due to being so hungry. She tries to explain what happened but her vague responses don't provide much insight, other than the fact she keeps seeing a field of flowers. But everyone is so excited that they don't really care.

Until realizing that because they now have the Emerald Linkle Stone, Riko and Ha-chan might have to return to the Magic World. Mirai becomes very distressed at the idea of separating from her good friend and losing Ha-chan when they just found her again, and how she is like their child as they raised her since birth. They decide to speak with the Headmaster on the subject.

As they make their way home, Ha-chan is delighted by how everything has changed now that she's grown. The butterflies, flowers, and Mofurun -who she can pick up now- look so small to her. She then spots a cat and runs after it, but in her attempt to fly she falls to the ground, having forgotten that she no longer possesses that ability. She assures the girls she's fine, but she suddenly realizes that the Linkle Smartbook has gone missing. They look around to find it's fell behind a grate, and because she's so big Ha-chan can't get it now. Riko shows Ha-chan some magic to obtain it again and Ha-chan takes the small pen out of her smartbook, and it dons on the girls that it's a magic wand too.

She casts a spell asking that the group stays together forever, and Mirai joins her, but when they turn to Riko she becomes flustered and reminds them that they have to get back. Mirai takes out her broom suggesting they use them, but Riko reasons that it's still really early out so it would be careless; just to find Ha-chan hopping on it nearby telling them to hurry. In the sky, Ha-chan takes in the vast sight surrounding them -and nearly falling off when trying to grab a nearby bird- and Mofurun suggests purchasing another broom so that Ha-chan can fly like the girls. She takes out her pen again and begins to draw a broom, a type of magic that Riko deems to be impossible. Nobody can use their imagination to use magic- but somehow Ha-chan manages to summon a broom that looks like theirs, but entirely pink. However, because she doesn't know how to fly it she goes out of control, forcing the girls to give chase.

Ha-chan eventually lands in a tree and falls to the ground, recalling a large field of flowers once more. Nearby is Yamoh, who reveals a clothed figure to be a crudely put-together Dokurokushe. He gets angry after some children with water guns and balloons accidentally hit him and they run away in fright after he turns and starts chewing them out. Yamoh uses one of the bones he found to summon a Yokubaru, which attempts to spray Ha-chan as she finds a safe spot to hide. She attempts to transform but this fails, forcing her to run away until she finds a building up ahead. She dives through the bar-like frame of the building but she gets stuck midway as the Yokubaru finds her and resumes shooting out water.

A large cloud of dust is kicked up and in this time, Mirai and Riko show up to grab Ha-chan and lead her to safety. They transform into Topaz Style Cure Magical and Cure Miracle, but their magical abilities do nothing to the hard body of the Yokubaru, and it retaliates by sending out strong currents that knock the girls into the ground. Yamoh reveals himself and tells the Yokubaru to finish the off, just as Ha-chan arrives to protect them. She has remembered what caused her to become a Cure, the Linkle Smartbook spoke to her and she realized that the Emerald had the power to bring her thoughts to life, and because she wanted to become their strength she decided to become a Pretty Cure.

Activating the Emerald and Smartbook, Ha-chan transforms into Cure Felice again. The Yokubaru launches several water balloons at her but with a wave she forms a tornado that spirals them all back at the monster, and while it's distracted she checks on the girls before it releases missiles at her. The girls use Topaz Esperanza to shoot the missiles back at the Yokubaru, allowing Felice to use Emerald Reincarnation.

At the Asahina household, the girls chat with Koucho. He is relieved to see that Ha-chan is okay and mentions how worried everyone had been, and she explains the sea of flowers she keeps picturing. But she still can't recall anything, wondering if it might have been something she saw before her birth. Kouchou assures the girls that they will figure it out in due time; however, he would like for her and Riko to return. The girls plead with him to reconsider, expressing how important it is for them to stay together, and Ha-chan reminds him of how they are her family. After a moment, he tells the girls that they won't be forced to return, he will trust them with the Emerald for now.

This makes the girls feel better, until Mirai's mom walks into the room having overheard them. She asks about Ha-chan and they explain that she's a friend of Riko's hometown. Mirai quickly asks if she can stay with them for a little while, and once they claim they already spoke to her parents, Kyoko allows it. She goes on to ask Ha-chan what her name is, and before either girl can respond she blurts out "Kotoha", and when she asks her last name, Riko comes up with "Hanami", saying that her name means "sea of flowers". Satisfied with these answers, Kyoko leaves the room, and the girls ask her why she came up with Kotoha as her name. She explains that because of the girls always speaking to her with kindness, their words were what made her who she is now, and Kotoha goes on to reintroduce herself.

Major Events

  • Ha-chan calls herself "Hanami Kotoha" for the first time.
  • Ha-chan reveals that she can draw items with the pen of the Linkle Smartbook to use magic.
  • Mirai's mother gives Kotoha permission to live in their home.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • Cure Miracle and Cure Magical use their Topaz Style forms in this episode.
  • The man Kouchou speaks to is the same man from the previous episode, whose appearance resembles that of Riko's father in her flashbacks.
  • The Topaz Esperanza sequence is shortened in this episode.


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