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An Exciting Renovation! Decorating Ha-chan's Room! (ワクワクリフォーム!はーちゃんのお部屋づくり! Wakuwaku Rifōmu! Hā-chan no Oheyadzukuri!?) is the 24th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 609th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Even though Kotoha now lives in Mirai's house, there's no room for her to sleep, so they decide on using the attic. Kotoha uses her oddly strong magical powers to clean it up in no time, even creating furniture, which surprises even Riko. Kotoha has to learn how to handle things without the use of magic.


Kotoha is in high-spirits, sleeping soundly during the night and eating her breakfast in the morning. Meanwhile, Mirai and Mofurun are hardly sleeping, and Mirai isn't touching her breakfast. This causes concern and Mirai gently explains how hard it is to share a bed now, and Kotoha begins to feel really bad now that she knows. Mirai's grandmother suggests they use their attic to make a bedroom for Ha-chan.

Upon arrival they find the room to be dusty and full of boxes; as it's being used for storage purposes lately. After Riko mentions that it could take longer than today to refurbish it, the girls become eager to get started. Kotoha pulls out her wand and with magic, she cleans up the room, with Riko astonished she could use difficult magic with no practice. When it comes time to add in furniture, she starts feeling better as Mirai suggests asking her dad to drive them to the shop. Kotoha uses her magic pen to draw the items Mirai describes, a bed, bureau, and and a table, and they appear upon completion.

After she runs off to get some milk to drink, Riko and Mirai stay behind to observe her work. Noticing Riko seems depressed, Mirai asks if she is okay. Riko explains how before Ha-chan used to need them for everything as a baby, and they were like her mothers. But now that she's their age she doesn't need anything from them, and her magic abilities are really strong. To take her mind off of this, Mirai brings up that it feels like something is missing from the room. She goes to ask Mofurun, only to realize she's missing. She locates her back in her bedroom, laying on her table. Mofurun sadly brings up that she feels useless as the only small one in the group, and how she can't use magic like them.

Drinking her milk, Kotoha observes Mirai's father tiredly crafting in the yard. Kotoha is about to use magic again until Riko spots her, and she quickly stops her before she can. She reminds her that while she might have good reasons for wanting to help out they can't let the people of No Magic World see them doing it. Kotoha asks if she can use magic as long as nobody sees her, but Riko tells her that she can still do a lot even without magic. She asks to lend Mirai's father a hand holding a wooden plank for him to saw and he thanks her, and after a moment of observation, Kotoha tells Riko that she doesn't understand. But she still wants to help them out.

Mirai comforts Mofurun by explaining that while she might feels as if she doesn't contribute much now, she's been making her happy since they met. She has always been a part of Mirai's life and she loves her so much. Mofurun recalls the past when Mirai used a jewelry craft to make a head piece for her and she thanks Mirai, glad she can finally express how she felt since then. After they embrace, Moforun asks Mirai if Kotoha's bedroom is done yet, and Mirai explains what was troubling her. Something seems to come to Mofurun and she hops down to fetch the jewelry maker from Mirai's closet.

Now that the shelf is built and painted, Riko and Kotoha are worn out. Mirai's dad brings them some milk as thanks and to Kotoha's surprise, the milk tastes really good. Riko points out that with hard-work and effort -a lesson she learned from Mirai- everything tastes better. Kotoha is amazed by this and hurriedly returns to the attic to tell Mirai about the lesson she learned from Riko. But to her surprise, she finds several pieces of bead jewelry have been made and placed all over the walls. Both she and Mirai call this "exciting", and they share a laugh before complimenting Mofurun for the idea.

The girls head into town to do some shopping, unaware of Yamoh following them. The girls go through some fabrics and Mofurun comes up with an idea to combine bows to make flowers, an idea that Kotoha loves and asks to learn how to make so that they can have more. While looking through the trinkets, Yamoh darkens the area and summons a Yokubaru as the girls begin to take notice, forcing them to transform into Ruby Style Cure Miracle and Cure Magical. They easily manage to withstand the attacks and call Yamoh out for trying to destroy the city and hurt people, but Yamoh doesn't care. He just wants the Emerald so that the darkness will become even stronger, and this will allow him to do anything he wants.

Kotoha tells him that he is wrong and transforms into Cure Felice, effortlessly managing to tear apart one of the arms of the Yokubaru when it wraps around her own. She tells Yamoh that without a pure heart and strong will, power doesn't mean anything- he also won't be able to get the Emerald being selfish like that. Seeing an opening, Miracle and Magical use Ruby Passionale, followed by Felice's Emerald Reincarnation to purify it.

Back at the Asahina household, everyone admires Kotoha's finished bedroom. It's very cute, covered with bead accessories and bow-flowers, and the items they purchased earlier. She thanks Mofurun for helping her realize that there was more exciting things than magic, and she now values effort. She then reveals that she made jewelry pieces for each of them, and she happily expresses that while she still has a lot to learn she knows that they will teach her.

Major Events

  • Kotoha gets her own room in Mirai's attic.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • Cure Miracle and Cure Magical use their Ruby Style forms in this episode.
  • The Ruby Passionale sequence is shortened in this episode.


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