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Summer! Ocean! Frolicking! We Want To Eat Shaved I~ce! (夏だ!海だ!大はしゃぎ!かき氷が食べた~いっ! Natsu da! Umi da! Ōhashagi! Kaki Kōri ga Tabeta~i!?) is the 25th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 610th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Riko, Hanami, Mayumi, Kana, and the Asahina family take a trip to the beach! Kotoha causes trouble when she uses magic to make things more fun, and Riko and Mirai attempt to clean up her magical mess before everyone else notices.


Kotoha is overflowing with excitement to visit the beach and getting to know Mirai's friends, Mayumi and Kana, who are also joining the Asahina family and Riko on this trip. Along the way she nearly blows their magic secret a handful of times, until Mirai's grandmother brings up the yummy shaved ice the beach is known for having. She excites them even further by suggesting they try the strawberry-melon flavor.

The trio is depressed to discover the ice machine hasn't been working as of late, so they can't get shaved ice. Mirai's dad offers to take a look at it and Kotoha recalls that she has tried it before, recalling how light and fluffy the texture is. The girls remember this as well but Kana overhears them, so Mirai quickly tries distracting them by recalling every flavor of shaved ice she can think of. Her dad suggests they have some fun for the time being, convinced he can have the machine fixed by lunch. The girls spot Mirai's mom, grandmother, and Mayumi setting up their items in a spot and prepare to rejoin them when Mirai recalls she forgot her hat. Kotoha recalls that she brought the Linkle Smartbook with her and she pulls out her pen to do some magic, the girls trying to stop her due to being in such an open spot. She manages to quickly draw a set of matching hats for her, Riko, Mirai, and Mofurun, along with a swimsuit for Mofurun.

After reminding Kotoha not to use magic openly, Riko runs off with Mirai. Mofurun is about to join them when she notices Kotoha seems to be in thought. Kotoha has come to the realization that in order to make the beach for fun, she just has to avoid being seen- words that cause Mofurun some concern.

The girls run out to play in the water but when Riko shows hesitation to join them, Kotoha uses magic to enlarge her floating device and change it into a fish, forcing her into the water with them and a hasty retreat after she lets go of it. Then they move onto splitting watermelon, which she grows with magic so that Mayumi has an easier time hitting it- startling the girls and nearly running them over in the process. As it starts attracting the attention of the other beach-goers, Riko quickly uses magic to revert it back to normal after Mayumi hits it. She makes the ball hit harder after Riko goes to return the serve, causing it to bury Mirai and Mayumi within sand. Riko claims she meant to do this to try drawing attention from it. Kotoha then goes on to "help others" on the beach, enlarging a sandcastle, get several fish to fly out of the water, summon beach foods, and dolphins made out of water in the sky.

By now, Riko and Mirai are exhausted in trying to keep up with Kotoha's magic. She worriedly observes them but the girls don't have it in them to say anything, so they just say they decided to take a rest. She perks up and brings up that the shaved ice machine might be fixed by now, so she offers to get some for them and heads off with Mofurun, the girls collapsing once she's out of sight.

Kotoha is disappointed after Mirai's father informs her that the machine isn't working yet, but he doesn't think it will take too much longer now. He returns to work and she sadly tries to figure out how she can go back to the girls without any shaved ice. Just then, a strange male approaches her to bring up that nearby is a special cave, filled with natural, sweetened, tasty ice that would be perfect for shaved ice. Kotoha thanks him and heads off, unaware it was Yamoh in disguise.

By now the girls have been worrying about Kotoha and they reunite with Mayumi, Kana, and Mirai's mom and grandmother to ask if they saw her anywhere. They are starting to worry and once Mirai's grandmother points towards the cave, the duo rush off to try to find her and Mofurun.

In the cave Kotoha is frightened by some bats, but because she wants to make the girls feel better she keeps going deeper, until coming to a dead end. Yamoh appears to reveal he tricked her and he summons a Yokubaru with her dropped hat. He reveals to Kotoha that it's her own fault that she's become trapped like this, because of her magic the girls aren't in any condition to fight now. Kotoha feels horribly as the truth comes out and he warns her that it's too late to feel bad because as long as she has the Emerald, he's going to keep coming for it. Kotoha acknowledges that while she might have messed up, she will fight hard enough for the three of them and make it up to her friends. She transforms into Cure Felice.

A fight ensues and she easily manages to dispatch the pointy thorns the Yokubaru shoots out, but in the process of fighting it off it manages to grab her. Before it can hurt her, Cure Miracle and Cure Magical rescue her and they fly out from the hole in the cave they made. Felice is relieved to see them, but as she watches them fight she is overcome with the desire to help them. This desire causes the wings of her skirt to grow in size and she regains the power of flight, which she uses to throw the Yokubaru into the air and gives the girls a chance to use Sapphire Smartish. Followed by Felice using Emerald Reincarnation to purify it.

Yamoh storms off promising revenge and the girls apologetically return to Mirai's family and friends, knowing how late they are. Her mom is annoyed but her grandmother reasons that it should be fine because they're alright, and the food just finished. Before they head inside Kotoha stops the girls to apologize for what she was doing, saying that she just wanted everyone to have fun. Riko and Mirai assure her that they know this and aren't upset with her, which makes her feel better. Riko asks Kotoha not to go overboard with magic again, which she agrees with. But before she can ask her something, Mirai's dad shows up to reveal the ice machine has been fixed. He goes on to say that it will take a while before they have enough ice, but to everyone's surprise they find it's completely full already.

The girls quickly realize this is Kotoha's doing, but they say nothing and after everyone orders the strawberry-melon flavor, they sit down to eat. In the process, Kotoha gives herself a mustache, causing her to recall doing this when she was little when the girls used to feed her. Riko and Mirai point it out and the group share a laugh after she notices it.

Major Events

  • Cure Felice gains the ability to fly once again as her wings can now extend.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • Cure Miracle and Cure Magical use their Sapphire Style forms in this episode.
  • Mirai and Riko's transformation sequence is not seen in this episode.


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