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Let's Enjoy! Magic School's Summer Break! (Let'sエンジョイ!魔法学校の夏休み! Let's Enjoi! Mahō Gakkō no Natsuyasumi!?) is the 27th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 612th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The girls attend the Magic School's Summer Festival over break. As Riko shows them around the school, Mirai wanderers away and finds the Headmaster confronted by a powerful monster, and the group transforms to fight the villain!


Mirai and the others decide to visit the Magic World for Summer Vacation. They explain to Kouchou that they got permission already and show him the Emerald they obtained sometime back. It floats into the air with the other Linkle Stones surrounding it as Kouchou recalls the legend from before, and how they assumed the Emerald Linkle Stone was the very light that would be born to save everyone from a great calamity- but now he isn't very sure. He doesn't say this to the girls though, and lets them head off to look around.

When they arrive at Magic School, they notice that everyone is preparing for the Summer Festival. Mirai and Ha-chan are very excited, but this leads them to drawing unnecessary attention to themselves when everyone notices Ha-chan isn't wearing a uniform like them. She uses magic to summon a uniform, which draws more of a crowd, along with Mofurun when she starts talking. Jun manages to get everyone to resume work by reminding them of what they were doing, and the trio reunite with the others. However, they don't recognize Ha-chan. She tries telling them who she is, but they think it's a joke because fairies don't take on human forms.

They decide to move on, where Riko shows Mirai and Ha-chan the school's cafeteria. They are amazed by the large room, full of ghostly staff members and copious amounts of food floating around the room. Mirai pigs out on several different foods fully enjoying every single bite as she assures Riko she can eat all of it, meanwhile Mofurun eats a whole plate of cookies and Ha-chan enjoys some corn on the cob. Riko holds back and remains polite as she eats, and soon the girls are served large parfaits. While admiring them Todd stops by to inform them of how fresh the items used in the are, and Mirai recalls the time she met him back at the Magic Shopping Street.

He leads the girls outside to show them the large amount of food he was delivering for today, but the girls see that he has no mandarins in the variety of fruits and veggies. Todd explains how the sunshine mandarins aren't growing recently and he isn't sure why. They need a lot of sunshine to grow, and it's been really sunny lately, it doesn't make sense.

Back at the dorms, Riko shows Mofurun and Ha-chan their fluffy, made from cloud beds. She goes on to realize Mirai is missing, who went after Kouchou and locates him by the wand tree. The very tree that blessed Mirai with her own wand. Kouchou tells her how much he has come to love this tree for always calming him when times seem rough, and Mirai goes on to thank him for letting Ha-chan and the Emerald stay with them. He insists it was the Emerald's own decision. Mirai goes on to tell him that she has come to a decision, that she wants to stay with everyone forever. When Ha-chan vanished during their battle and grew up, and when Riko was considering returning to the Magic World after they located the Emerald. She was very sad, and she doesn't want to have to go through more sadness like that. Which is why she knows everything will be fine, because they will always be together.

Kouchou is surprised by her sincerity and how much she means what she is saying. But suddenly the breeze kicks up around them and an orange genie, Labut appears. He darkens the area and summons a dark barrier around the wand tree, trapping them. He goes on to create a Donyokubaru to attack them, but Riko and Ha-chan manage to bust through the barrier with the power of the Emerald and they transform into Cure Miracle, Cure Magical, and Cure Felice.

The girls fight while Koucho protects Mofurun. He is amazed by the emerald's pure, untainted power. However, this isn't enough for the girls, who quickly find themselves caught in a pinch because the Donyokubaru is much stronger than a Yokubaru. Labut reveals that he is using magic that comes from Deusmast, which frightens Kouchou as he explains his purpose is to dispose of any annoyances that could happen to greet him when he decides to descend upon the planet.

Miracle tells off Labut for thinking he could bring an end to their happiness. She's already made up her mind and she will stay with everyone, no matter who or what threatens to get in their way. She is joined by the girls and together they quickly begin to turn the tide, dodging the blasts from the Donyokubaru and managing to make it harm itself. When it attempts to sneakily harm them Kouchou appears to use his magic of light to form a shield that protects them. Felice then goes on to use the pink tourmaline Linkle Stone to dissolve its next attack on them, giving Miracle and Magical a chance to use Diamond Eternal and purify the Donyokubaru.

Labut is amused by how well the Cures handled themselves, and he decides to take off for now because he doesn't feel like using more energy. He says goodbye and takes off, returning the area to normal. Kouchou thanks the trio for saving him when Ha-chan realizes she feels hungry. Riko begins to chew her out for having eaten so much already, but when she feels hungry too she becomes flustered. She begins bickering with the others as Kouchou speaks with Crystal Ball, telling it that he will do everything he can in order to help his students, warmly observing the girls.

Major Events

  • The Cures transform as a group for the first time.
  • Male students of the Magic School are seen for the first time.
  • Kotoha uses her wand to create a Magic School uniform for herself.
  • Labut attacks the Cures for the first time and mentions Deusmast.
  • A Donyokubaru appears for the first time.
  • The second half of the ending has changed.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • Cure Miracle and Cure Magical use their Dia Style forms in this episode.
  • The Yokubaru in the opening has now been replaced with the Donyokubaru's symbol.
  • During the group pose, the butterfly on the left side of Felice's head is orange instead of yellow.


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