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The Magic World's Summer Festival! Fireworks, Soar High! (魔法界の夏祭り!花火よ、たかくあがれ! Mahō Kai no Natsu Matsuri! Hanabi yo, Takaku Agare!?) is the 28th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 613th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The Magic World is celebrating its summer festival, but Mirai and Riko's supplementary classmates worry after discovering the Don-Don flowers they picked out for the fireworks display have wilted. Together the girls head out in search of the similar Pachi-Pachi flowers.


The summer festival has officially begun. Mirai, Riko, Mofurun, and Ha-chan meet up with Kay, Jun, and Emily and together the group go out to try some festival foods and play some games; with the girls showing Ha-chan how to play a ring toss game involving some living rings. Sometimes you might get the prize you want, but other times you might get one that's lazy and misses, or heads to another item instead of the one you request- which ends up being Riko's case.

Mirai attaches the ribbon to Riko's hair as some boys walk by, bringing up how Kay, Jun, and Emily are in charge of the fireworks tonight. Riko is astonished, and she goes on to explain to Mirai how special they are; only the most exceptional students who had their achievements recognized are given the honor. Just then, a boy classmate yells out that there is a problem, and the group finds several classmates staring with horror at the wilted flowers used for the fireworks. Even Isaac and Liz appear to be stumped, mentioning that the flowers need a lot of sunlight or else they risk shriveling up. It's been sunny though, so this doesn't make any sense.

As everyone becomes distraught over having to cancel the fireworks display, Mirai asks if they can obtain more of the flowers. Isaac recalls hearing of flowers like the Don-Don flowers, which are shade to grow up in the shade or sun. They have only been brought up in legend though, so it's not entirely sure if they exist because nobody can recall having seen them before. Mirai offers to head out and look for them, but Liz points out that she doesn't have much time until the fireworks display is supposed to go off. Emily and Ha-chan agree to go with her, while Riko, Kay, and Jun decide to do some research at the Library to assist them.

Mirai is surprised as Emily uses a magic carpet to fly them to the forest, and she explains that she managed to overcome her fear of heights and applied herself, which led to her gaining a license to fly carpets.

Meanwhile, Jun quickly locates the section for flower books and explains to Riko how she's been spending a lot of time studying in there since becoming a second year. She knows where every single book is, give or take. Riko is further amazed upon realizing that Kay, someone who would forget things all the time, has become more efficient.

Ha-chan manages to speak to a Pegasus about the flowers, but unfortunately it hasn't ever heard of the one they are looking for. It suggests that they check the cave at the middle of the forest, which is said to have several flowers within it.

At the library, the girls aren't able to find anything on the Pachi-Pachi flower and they begin doubting its existence. Riko refuses to give up, and the same is shown with Mirai as she encourages Emily to keep having faith; the very same she has because of her and Riko being on the same wavelength. They haven't been contacted by them yet but she's sure they will pull through. Her faith pays off, when the trio in the library manage to discover the elusive Pachi-Pachi flower is real. As it turns out, it actually is within the cave of the magic forest, where the other three were heading. They are only able to give the trio some information as they realize how much little time is left, and they send the note off with a carrier pigeon to have it delivered.

As the girls reach the cave the pigeon drops off the other trio's findings. They head inside to find a large, darkened cave with sunlight pouring in through various cracks. They quickly locate the Pachi-Pachi flower- along with two other flowers that look exactly like it but come in different colors, these being imitators of it that either cause one to talk non-stop all day, or sleep all day. Unfortunately, the picture doesn't show which flower is the correct one, nor does the text on the page describe it.

With time winding down the girls head to the fireworks location to set up when they find the others coming in the distance, several yellow flowers covering the carpet. Their celebration is short-lived though, when Labut appears and summons a dark barrier around Mirai and Ha-chan, forcing Emily and the carpet out. Seeing this, Riko quickly hops on her broom to join them and he summons a Donyakubaru. They transform into Cures and a fight ensues, in which they manage to fight it off pretty easily.

The Donyakubaru retaliates by shooting out golden rings to not only bind Felice, but bind Miracle and Magical together so that none of them can move around or attack anymore. The girls don't let that stop them though, after Labut picks up one of the Pachi-Pachi flowers and then tosses it aside, which provokes them into attacking again. They break off the rings and use the remainder to attack the Donyakubaru. Labut complains now that it can't do anything and he sends out a blast of dark fire, but Miracle and Magical quickly dispel it using Sapphire Smartish, followed by Felice using Emerald Reincarnation to purify the monster. Labut complains he is bored and he takes off.

Back at the festival, everyone has finished preparations for the fireworks to begin. The trio wish Jun, Kay, and Emily luck in launching them, but the trio reveal that they wanted Mirai, Riko, and Ha-chan to do it with them as they helped out too. The girls agree and together the six share some words of confidence before pulling out their wands, where they all cast a spell on the flowers to start the fireworks. A large, vibrant light is released, and the flowers release the buds within them, sending beautiful fireworks out all over the Magic World.

Major Events

  • The Cures transform as a group with Cure Miracle and Cure Magical in their Sapphire Style.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • Cure Miracle and Cure Magical use their Sapphire Style forms in this episode.
  • Mofurun says the tagline at the end of the preview of the next episode.
  • During the scene in the library, Riko's hair ribbon goes missing.


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