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A New Magical Tale! Mofuderella is the Star!? (新たな魔法の物語!主役はモフデレラ!? Aratana Mahō no Monogatari! Shuyaku wa Mofuderera!??) is the 29th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 614th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The girls find a special version of "Cinderella" in the library. After reading it they decide to go to bed, but when they awaken they find themselves suddenly transported into the story! Will Mofuderella earn her happy ending? Or will the fallen generals of the past see to it that the girls are unable to escape?


Ha-chan has been preoccupied with Kouchou, who wants her to study several books in hopes of learning more about the Emerald and its yet untapped power. As hard as she tries, she's unable to find anything.

Riko, Mofurun, and Mirai impatiently wait for Ha-chan to arrive in the Library. Riko suggests they read to pass the time when she stumbles upon an old favorite, Cinderella. To their surprise, both girls learn that the story exists in the other world, and Mirai eagerly browses this one to see that the Fairy Godmother seems to be the main character. Riko is shocked to be told that in the No Magic World, Cinderella is the main character. The girls go on to realize that their storybooks are altered depending on which world they are in, which seems pretty neat as the girls think about it. Just then, Ha-chan shows up and tiredly collapses.

That evening, she explains to the girls how studying went and how fruitless her efforts were. But because she tried so hard, they gave her some frozen mandarins as a reward. Riko tries to thaw them -and as usual fails to completely soften them- and the girls begin to chat about Cinderella, having borrowed the book. Unknown to them, the Linkle Book starts shining. It continues to shine as they turn in for bed.

Riko awakens to discover she's on a roof. She nearly falls off when Mirai uses a spell to save her and bring her over to them, and to her alarm she discovers that not only has she and Ha-chan become small mice, but she's dressed as an elderly wizard woman. They are unable to linger on it very long when they overhear a voice that sounds like Mofurun, and they find her in the room beneath the roof they are on. They look to see she's dressed in an old dress, putting together accessories with the bead machine. Just then, Batty and Sparda -the stepsisters- enter the room, threatening to leave her behind if she doesn't finish making their accessories in time. It's very important that they show up for the ball looking for best; especially Sparda, who wants to try proposing to the Prince, who is revealed to be Kouchou.

They are shocked when "Mofurderella" reveals to have finished the accessories as requested, and Sparda "accidentally" bumps the container of yellow beads, causing them to spill all over the floor. Their mother -Gamettsu- shows up to announce it's time to go to the ball, but seeing the messy room of Mofuderella, Gamettsu forbids her from going with them. They also tell her to thaw out all of the mandarin oranges by the time they return home.

The girls feel terrible for Mofuderella and want to help her. Before entering the room from the window they take a moment to realize that somehow they have entered the world of Cinderella. Riko acknowledges that until they can figure out what's going on it's still her duty as the Godmother to help her out. They enter the room and introduce themselves to the startled Mofuderella, explaining that they have come to help her so that she can attend the ball. Riko picks up one of the mandarins and transforms it into a frozen carriage being pulled by a toy horse. Because it's too chilly, the trio use magic together to thaw the orange, transforming its frozen interior into one that's bouncy.

Riko then goes on to transform her old clothing into an adorable, fancy dress. Before sending her off, they also provide her with some glass slippers. Mofuderella can hardly believe her luck as she makes her way to the castle.

The girls decide to follow after her to ensure she receives the happy ending she deserves. They sneak inside to keep an eye on things when Prince Kouchou arrives, instantly wowing the beautiful gowned women of the room. Kay, Jun, and Emily run up to the Prince to ask for a dance, but they get pushed aside by Gamettsu, Batty, and Sparda, who all demand his attention. However, its Mofuderella who the Prince spots, and it's love at first sight. He approaches to ask her for a dance, much to Mofuderella's delight as he picks her up to begin.

Outside, the grumpy sisters Sparda and Batty are frustrated over being ignored when Gamettsu joins them with a plan up his sleeve.

As Prince Kouchou sets down Mofuderella, she requests that he speak with her friends. He agrees, unaware of Mirai and Ha-chan having been on his shoulder waiting. Suddenly, Batty, Sparda, and Gamettsu return with an evil magician -Yamoh- to get rid of Mofuderella- but he accidentally hits Gamettsu instead, much to Batty and Sparda's upset. Gamettsu grows very large and the girls quickly come to the rescue, with Mirai returning to normal size to allow them to transform into Cure Miracle, Cure Magical, and Cure Felice. For some reason, Cure Felice is still as small as a normal fairy would be. Gamettsu comes up with a wager, saying that if the girls can beat them, then they will listen to what they have to say- but if they win, Gamettsu wants to marry the Prince; words that frighten poor Prince Kouchou and irritate Batty and Sparda.

Everyone is a bit concerned, but the girls assure the Prince everything will be fine. With no other choice he agrees, but only on one condition. He demands that this duel be done in the form of dance, explaining how because this is a ballroom, that's just how it goes. Both Gamettsu and the girls are stunned, but the music begins and they're left with no other option but to hurriedly dance along. Everything goes alright, but in the process of trying to keep up, Gamettsu trips and falls into the sea near the castle. Everyone worries because their mother can't swim, so Mofuderella asks the girls to help out. They are concerned by this until Felice reasons that by using magic and saving her, they can return her to normal. Cure Miracle and Cure Magical cast Topaz Esperanza.

With their mom out of the water, Sparda and Batty check on Gamettsu to make sure everything is okay. Everyone returns to normal and the Prince is very surprised to have seen the legendary Pretty Cure in action. They explain how they come from the outside world, not the storybook one they are in currently, but they don't know how it happened. He takes them to the carriage Riko made earlier and explains how there are legends saying that a carriage made by a magician can transport the riders to different locations, and before their eyes they observe the moon begin to glow, along with the toy horses eyes and a row of stairs made of light appear. Mofuderella thanks the girls for what they did, but before they can do anything more the clock strikes midnight.

Mofuderella's attire changes back to her old, worn out outfit and she sadly turns to face the Prince, who is initially surprised. However, he's not disappointed at all, which makes everyone happy. But when the girls realize the carriage is beginning to return to normal and the magic is fading from it, they have no choice but to hurriedly board it to return back home. But the carriage vanishes, forcing the girls to hold onto Riko as she holds the reigns of the toy horse, which is also beginning to return to normal. Mofuderella panics, but just then her glass slippers begin to glow. Her outfit changes, and to her surprise she discovers that she can do magic too. She uses her slippers to channel her desire to save the girls, and the bear-shaped ball of light travels to them in the sky as they begin to fall from the stairs.

The trio use their magic to combine with Mofuderella's, transforming it into a crystal carriage being steered by a glowing, magical horse. The Prince is stunned by this display, but he is happy by what he witnessed as they come to the decision to christen the new transportation the Rainbow Carriage. Mofuderella waves farewell to the girls as they approach the shining moon.

Everyone wakes up just then to see that they all had the same dream. It felt so real to them; especially when Mofurun spots said carriage resting on the nearby table. While none of them understand what happened, they begin to smile while observing Mofurun happily play with the new object. The girls are shocked after they get up to see the storybook has changed now, reading the ending where it's revealed that after Mofuderella became a magician, she set out to help others in need with their own magic and happiness. Mofurun happily remarks that this story seems fine to her.


Pretty Cure


  • Mofurun (as Mofuderella, variation on the name Cinderella)


  • Batty (as one of Mofuderella's sisters)
  • Sparda (as one of Mofuderella's sisters)
  • Gamettsu (as Mofuderella's mother)
  • Yamoh (as a wicked witch)

Secondary Characters

  • Kouchou (as the Prince)
  • Magic Crystal
  • Jun (as a minor character at the Prince's party)
  • Kay (as a minor character at the Prince's party)
  • Emily (as a minor character at the Prince's Party)

Major Events

  • The Cures transform as a group with Cure Miracle and Cure Magical in their Topaz Style.
  • The Rainbow Carriage appears for the first time.
  • Batty, Sparda, Gamettsu and Yamoh reappear, albeit as characters in the story.


  • Cure Miracle and Cure Magical use their Topaz Style forms in this episode.
  • This is the third time that the story of Cinderella was told in Pretty Cure, preceded by episode 38 of Yes! and 39 of Smile.
  • Pretty Cure Ondo ~Smile Wink~ is played during the episode.
  • As the mice, Mirai and Kotoha spoke in a similar style as the mascots, ending their sentences with "~de chu."
  • All of the villains are depicted as women for this episode, as they fill in the roles of villainous Cinderella characters.
  • During Mirai and Riko's transformation, Mofurun, as Mofuderella, has a surprised expression on her face throughout it as opposed to the happy one she usually has, likely because in the story, Mofuderella does not know much about the Pretty Cure.


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