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The Magic Research Project! It Just, Won't End~!! (魔法の自由研究!が、終わらな~い!! Mahō no Jiyukenkyū! Ga, Owarana~i!!?) is the 30th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 615th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The Cures are about to head back to No Magic World with summer break ending, but their classmates ask for their help with their research projects before they go. Along the way, they learn about the girls' dreams and aspirations which worries Riko, who isn't entirely sure how to go about completing her own.


The girls are showing Kouchou the carriage and inform him of what they decided to name it. He is very curious about the Rainbow Carriage as it suddenly starts to glow, along with Mofurun's ribbon. A magical circle appears from the carriage and he asks that they keep him updated. Riko brings up that today they'll be returning to the No Magic World, and suddenly Jun, Kay, and Emily appear. They request the girls assistance with their "Independent Study" homework.

Elsewhere, Riko chews out the trio for not focusing on their homework during summer, and now that the season is almost over they have a lot left to do. They try to explain what happened, each girl picking someone to help them. Jun requests that Mirai and Riko lend her a hand, while Emily asks for Ha-chan's help and Kay picks Mofurun. While she's still irritated, Riko agrees to let them help out until that evening, when the Snail Train is ready to depart. With that everyone splits up to get started.

Jun has Mirai and Riko pose together while she paints them for her project. The girls struggle to remain still but try their best not to move. Meanwhile, Emily casts magic on her hair supplies to brush, braid, and twirl Ha-chan's hair into the shape of a lovely flower. This works great until she touches it, causing it to suddenly puff up over her head. While Emily is disappointed, she keeps trying. Kay is writing a guidebook on Mofurun, and she asks for her favorite foods- which turn out to be cookies, honey, frozen oranges, and strawberry-melon bread.

By now Jun isn't satisfied with the girls' pose, so she tries to lend them a hand in finding one more suitable for the emotion she was trying to capture. Until the girls are about to fall over. She loves this pose and sternly warns them not to move an inch. She eventually finishes and the girls tiredly collapse on the ground as Ha-chan -now with cute pigtails- runs over to get a look with Mofurun. Mirai and Riko join them, but to their disappointment Jun painted them in abstract. She then goes on to bring the painting to life with magic, transforming it into a lovely statue. The girls are amazed, but it wasn't what Jun wanted so she melts it down to restart. She explains how she had been trying to paint something that would incoperate more of the No Magic World's fashion and popular art. She decided that after graduation she wants to stuy the fashion and culture of that World through travel, to help further her artistic skills.

Kay goes on to bring up how her own aspirations came to be. Because of how forgetful she was she used to take notes to lessen that, and in the process she ended up having fun writing things down. So she wants a job that will let her do this. Emily explains how growing up she loved how there was so many different hairstyles, and she had fun watching the hair dresser while waiting for her turn while visiting the salon. So she decided that she wants to try doing that because it was so exciting. Riko begins to feel sad as she thinks about her own dream, but Mirai snaps her out of it by complimenting them for having thought out their futures like this. Jun goes on to ask the girls if they could wear costumes similiar to those from Swan Lake out of the belief it would improve her artwork. After taking a moment to observe the book in her hands, Ha-chan uses her wand to draw a dress and instantly, the Swan Lake outfits appear on the girls. Unfortunately, her magic took her literally, and the wings on their dresses lift the girls up and begin to fly them away towards the city. Before she can return them to normal, the trio stop her out of surprise and ask that Ha-chan show them her magic again, given how different it is from their own.

The girls are saved by Liz, who was watering flowers at the time and saw them heading her way. They explain what happened and she recalls that they were having a discussion that led to their independent studies. Mirai expresses how exciting she thought it was, saying that while being able to use magic was cool on its own- it's even better to be able to apply magic in a way that will help you discover what it is you want to do later in life. She recalls how Riko wants to become a magician and claims to be jealous, but Riko begins to feel sad again. Liz asks if she's alright, and Riko explains how essentially she is like Mirai. While aiming to become a strong magician is a goal itself, she doesn't know what she would want to do afterwards. Liz asks Riko what her ideal image of an amazing magician is, and Riko recalls their parents, as well as Liz, who was always her role model. She admires her aspirations to become a full-time teacher at the magic school; which Liz points out is because of Riko. She would practice with her after Riko obtained her wand, and because of how much she enjoyed it she wanted to help other children learn. She's sure that if they both take the time to think it over they will eventually find the thing they love to do.

Ha-chan feels badly for what happened earlier and she decides to confide in Mofurun. For some reason she doesn't have to study like everyone else to cast magic, and seeing how everyone else does magic here, she's beginning to feel as though she is really different from them. Mofurun is unable to give her an answer which makes her feel more saddened, but seeing Riko and Mirai seems to perk her up. Unfortunately, Labut decides to appear and instantly darkens the area. He summons a dark barrier to push Kay, Jun, and Emily away and the girls transform into Cure Miracle, Cure Magical, and Cure Felice.

Right away the Donyakubaru manages to swat around the girls, sending Felice flying some distance away while Labut uses "Mugic" to attack Miracle and Magical. When the girls express confusion, Labut explains Mugic as something that allows him to bend reality with endless energy, and you need no studying at all. He reasons that magic is something you get through studying, so it's worthless. Mirai is angry for Labut trying to harm the girls when they have been working so hard, while Riko becomes enraged when Labut tells them how worthless magic is in comparison to his Mugic. Felice reappears and attempts to hurt him but he effortlessly blocks her, remarking on how different her own magic is to theirs. He prepares to attack the girls when Miracle blocks Labut and manages to shove him back, telling him about how exciting and great magic can be.

Her determination react with the Rainbow Carriage and the girls use Ruby Passionale against Labut, but to their alarm he manages to overcome it and commands the Donyakubaru to resume its attack. Felice uses Emerald Reincarnation to purify the monster and return things to normal.

As evening begins to set in, the girls are thanks by Emily, Kay, and Jun for their help today. Kay reveals to have finished her Mofurun Guidebook, and Emily asks Ha-chan to be her model again some time. Liz tells Riko to keep doing her best and to remain positive, but this doesn't seem to entirely improve Riko's mood. As they take off she begins to think about things while Ha-chan remains silent. Mirai happily brings up that with their summer ending, school will be resuming when they get home.

Major Events

  • The Cures transform as a group with Cure Miracle and Cure Magical in their Ruby Style.
  • Shakince and Benigyo appear for the first time as unnamed shadows.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • Cure Miracle and Cure Magical use their Ruby Style forms in this episode.


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