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Crystallised Feelings! The Rainbow Colored Alexandrite!! (結晶する想い!虹色のアレキサンドライト!! Kesshō Suru Omoi! Nijiiro no Arekisandoraito!!?) is the 31st episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 616th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The Cures are on their way back to No Magic World when all of a sudden, Labut causes the trolley they are on to get stuck in between worlds. Their attempts to fight him result in being separated from each other, and they begin to lose hope. Will they pull themselves together and defeat Labut?


The girls are on their way home, and while Mirai is excited, Riko and Ha-chan are bothered with their own thoughts.

Meanwhile, Labut is chatting with Shakince and Benigyo. They try to convince him to do something about Pretty Cure, reminding him of how they still can't due to their bodies still being sealed away. Perturbed by what happened recently and their attempts to persuade him to try again, Labut gets up to do something about the girls. They reason his pride was wounded from the last fight and he's probably really embarrassed.

Escargo, the salesnail of the train comes buy with some snacks and Riko purchases a frozen orange at the other girls' urging. She's extremely surprised by how delicious this one turned out, but as the girls continue eating Labut appears and uses his Mugic to separate their train-cart from the Snail. Confused by this, the girls hop onto their brooms and exit for a better look, where Riko explains how they are in the realm between the two worlds. Only the snail trains can come through here, so they can't try to escape through flying because they would just keep going in circles.

Labut appears and transforms into a much larger, monstrous version of himself. The girls quickly transform into Cure Miracle, Cure Magical, and Cure Felice and a fight ensues. When their physical hits do nothing, the girls attempt to use their magic with the Tanzanite, Aquamarine, and Pink Tourmaline Linkle Stones. Labut eats the spell and after complaining about being cold, he spits out a large icy flower at them. The girls begin to worry and they release the powers of the Garnet, Peridot, and Moonstone Linkle Stone's and by now Labut is just playing with them. When the girls get separated, Miracle atempts to use the Amethyst stone to summon a portal for Felice and Magical, but Labut blocks them so they can't reach her. He decides to start fighting more seriously now, and he summons large gem-like rocks of pastel colors that hit the girls and send them flying in various directions.

The crystal ball worriedly informs Kouchou that she's unable to reach Cassy or the girls. He starts to fret, wondering if they could be stuck in the Interstice.

As Mofurun locates the Rainbow Carriage, she tries to locate the girls. Labut mocks Miracle as she tells him to return the others, and he assures her that he'll be sending her to them. He swings his fist, kicking up a gust that sends Miracle back. The girls begin to despair as it dons on them they might not be able to win this time. Miracle feels helpless, while Magical calls herself useless, and Felice feels even more saddened her unique magic couldn't help them.

Just then, Miracle happens to find her magic wand and it brushes against her hand. She snaps out of her sadness and grabs it, transforming it back into her Cure Stick. Magical and Felice hear her voice and they snap out of their own sadness as they recall the times they spent together. Magical realizes that she still doesn't know what it means to be an excellent magician, but magic is how she found her friends, and she wants to be with them. Felice feels saddened because she can't remember much about her past, but being with the others makes her forget these things and she feels better. She wants to be with them so that they continue to smile.

Labut angrily swings at Miracle again when he sees her attempt to stand up to him. She assures him that she'll see everyone again so it doesn't matter what he tries to do. Trying to reach for each other, beams of light shoot out and Mofurun picks up a sweet scent. The girls are brought back together and their love for one-another causes the rainbow carriage to glow, summoning a brand new Linkle Stone; the Alexandrite. With it the girls transform into brand new, powered-up forms in a dazzling light. They bravely stand against Labut, easily deflecting his mugic, and the rainbow carriage begins to react once more. It opens and the spirits of the Linkle Stones appear, shooting out three beams of light that land in the girls hands, and before them appear small screens with dots. Each girl waves her hand over a specific dot, and this allows them to use Extreme Rainbow as Labut attempts to attack them, shooting out a large, colorful beam of light that overpowers him. Rainbows appear from where he was and the girls return to normal, returning to their train-cart. The girls are very happy to have been reunited, and the snail returns to rescue them.

However, they begin to wonder what the light they saw was. Riko mentions having never heard of a 13th Linkle Stone, so she's very surprised. Just then, different colored lights begin to appear and circle the girls, and they change into various shapes.

Major Events

  • The Linkle Stone Alexandrite appears for the first time.
  • The Cures transform into their Alexandrite Style for the first time.
  • The Cures perform Extreme Rainbow for the first time.
  • Labut is defeated as a result of it.
  • The Linkle Stone spirits appear for the first time.
  • The ending changes for the third time.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • Cure Miracle and Cure Magical use their Dia Style forms in this episode.


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