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Full of Excitement! Ha-chan's School Life! (ワクワクいっぱい!はーちゃんの学校生活! Wakuwaku Ippai! Hā-chan no Gakkō Seikatsu!?) is the 32nd episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 617th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


It is Kotoha's first day at Mirai and Riko's school, and she is excited to get started. One day, she discovers something wrong with her classmate Souta, who is having problems with the soccer team he is the captain of.


The girls have been updating Kouchou on the brand new Alexandrite Linkle Stone and the strange little spirits that appeared, and are now floating around them. They don't really know what they are. Just then Ha-chan comes into the room to reveal she's wearing the school uniform, she's so excited to get to school the next morning.

The following morning, Ha-chan gets up bright and early and she wakes up the girls, rushing them to school. They complain as she runs the entire way, delighted to be the first person there. As it turns out they showed up two hours early. She then spots a few boys run by and wonders if they were more excited than her, but the girls explain to her that this is their morning training. They go on to bring up how the guys like to practice before school starts, only to realize that Ha-chan has taken off.

She runs after the boys to discover there's a whole team of them, and she watches as a boy takes charge. He tells the team that with their upcoming game they need to get more serious, and if they don't do well enough they must run another lap. This makes some guys complain on how much tougher things have gotten with Souta taking over for Captain. They make an excuse to bail and take off, with another boy asking Souta if he's really okay with this. He isn't sure what to do but he assures the boy everything will be fine, they still have a practice after school and they'll go through with it regardless of who shows up.

By now the girls have caught up to Ha-chan and Mirai calls out to Souta. He greets the girls but expresses confusion upon seeing Ha-chan, as he doesn't recognize her. The girls are unaware that the spirits of the Linkle Stones have followed them there.

After the entrance ceremony the girls walk through a corridor and they spot a picture someone drew that resembles Ha-chan when she paid the school a visit, the day when she kept changing forms. Souta comes through the hallway and the girls are joined by Kana, who brings up that fairies and witches are real, asking Mirai to confirm that she's seen them. They say nothing, starting to panic after they spot the spirits behind her outside. She looks around but the spirits avoid her gaze, so she shrugs it off. Just then they realize that everyone else has already left the hallway and they must get to class.

With that, the Teacher introduces "Kotoha Hanami" to the class. She yells out to Kana and Mayumi, Mirai's friends who she met a while back, and she also tells the Teacher that she knows Mirai, Riko, and Moforun. This causes him confusion as he's never met Mofurun. Mayumi informs him of who she is really quick. Before she takes a seat she notices that Souta seems bothered by something.

Throughout the day, Kotoha manages to have a lot of fun. She draws flowers for her report while outside, she draws a whole flower field in art class instead of the statue they were observing. She earns a light scolding for not sticking to the theme as the Teacher goes on to notice Souta also wasn't focusing. While playing softball later, Kotoha manages to score a home run, and by now she tells Mirai and Riko about Souta's sad mood. She helplessly wonders what happened, because school is so much fun, but the girls are unsure. The banana spirit appears and observes Kotoha.

The school day has come to an end and Kotoha expresses disappointment. She had a lot of fun today because of how many interesting people are there. She can't wait for tomorrow to come now. As everyone is getting up to leave, Mirai explains to Kotoha that some people stay behind for club activity. Just then Kana shows up with binoculars and a net, suggesting they go look for fairies. With that, Kotoha decides to head out to partake in some clubs. She changes clothing and heads out to the field again to check on Souta, telling him that she would like to play with them. He agrees as he doesn't see anything wrong with the idea, but when she asks where the others are, he brings up that they haven't shown up yet.

Kotoha goes on to ask Souta if he's alright, it's not like him to be sad like this. He's confused by this since they never met before today, but when he explains how the team is having trouble coming together as of late she runs off to the school roof with an idea. She pulls out her wand and makes a wish for the team to come together as one. This whips up a tornado that sucks up the cones and all of the members, somehow transporting them up to the roof and dropping them off together in one large ball of people. Nobody knows what happened and they return to what they were doing.

Kotoha rejoins Souta and they decide to start practicing. She's amazed by his skill and he gives her some improvement tips. She takes his words to heart, but rather than try again she casts magic on her shoes and soccer ball. This causes her to stick to the ball and roll around the entire field, but in the end Souta enjoys himself along with her. She happily remarks that if the others see him having fun like this they will want to join in too, and it dons on Souta that this is what he was missing. He was working the guys but they weren't having much fun, and he needs to excite them. To his surprise he discovers that the others were watching them, and they are ready to rejoin him and play. Kotoha decides to take off in order to let them get to work.

Later, the girls show up to the field early to wait for the game to begin. But as things around them start to float the girls become on edge, sensing the use of magic. A new figure appears and he corrects them, saying it's Mugic before summoning a Donyokubaru. The girls transform, with Miracle and Magical using the unique powers of Topaz style to defend themselves from the net balls the monster spits out at them. As Magical attempts to save Miracle when she gets caught in them, the Donyokubaru attempts to spin the cones on either side of it to attack them, and Felice quickly kicks a pair of soccer balls at it to distract it.

Having realized this, she makes a suggestion of where to attack to the girls. They do as instructed and while it's distracted, Felice prepares to kick another soccer ball at its face. The Donyokubaru tries to attack her, but she dodges and kicks it through the opening, knocking over the monster from the force. It rises back up and the girls quickly take care of it using the Alexandrite to cast Extreme Rainbow.

With everything back to normal, the soccer game begins. The teams end up in a draw and Souta thanks the girls for coming to show their support. He addresses Kotoha as Ha-chan, which concerns the girls initially as they didn't know what went on earlier. But with him having to get back to the others for some practice, he takes off. Mofurun is waking up when she happens to notice the little banana spirit. It disappears in a flash of light. It reappears at the Rainbow Carriage back at Mirai's home and it inserts itself, causing a notch to appear on the design within it.

Back at school Ha-chan attempts to explain to the girls what happened, but she was so excited that they become confused. She manages to impress them with what she learned though, and she invites the girls to join her to play some soccer. She hops onto the ball again and rides around the field as the girls give chase.

Major Events

  • Kotoha is enrolled at Mirai and Riko's school.
  • Shakince makes a full appearance for the first time.
  • The banana spirit of Linkle Stone Topaz enters the Rainbow Carriage.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • Cure Miracle and Cure Magical use their Topaz Style forms in this episode.


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