Conflicted Feelings! A Father and Daughter's Difficult Day! (すれ違う想い!父と娘のビミョ~な1日! Surechigau Omoi! Chichi to Musume no Bimyo~na Ichinichi!?) is the 33rd episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 618th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Lian has come to pay the No Magic World a visit for research, but Riko, who barely gets to see him, feels neglected.


Out eating some strawberry melon pan, the girls are enjoying the lovely scenery when Mofurun picks up a sweet scent. She gets up to see the spirits of the Linkle Stones floating around and she bumps into a shadowy figure spying on the group. They pick Mofurun up, and when the girls overhear her, Mirai and Ha-chan quickly come to her rescue, pummeling the man until Riko yells out for them to stop. As it turns out, this man is her father.

Bringing him back to the Asahina household, he thanks them for taking care of Riko and hands over a small chest filled with various colored rocks as a gift. While they're a bit confused, Mirai's mom takes to them rather quickly as they go on to explore what an Archeologist is to Ha-chan. Nobody seems to notice that Riko has become perturbed.

In Mirai's room, the linkle stone spirits continue blissfully floating around while Lian uses Cassie to let Kouchou know he's arrived. As Riko seemed to realize earlier, her dad has only come for work purposes, and Kouchou explains that he is investigating right now and he asked for his help. Lian begins to observe the Rainbow Carriage when it starts glowing with Mofurun's bow. A magic circle appears and as Lian takes a moment to sketch his findings, the girls notice the strange point that wasn't there before. Riko goes on to ask her father to confirm what Kouchou said, and Lian confirms that it's true and it involves Ha-chan. Along with how the girls became Pretty Cure.

As this is going on, Shakince observes the resting Benigyo. She awakens and decides that with the others still asleep, she should have a shot at Pretty Cure.

The trio are stunned by this revelation, but Kouchou points out that he didn't have a choice but to tell Lian. The girls go on to show him the Linkle Stones, and he expresses astonishment as he's never seen them like this before. Kouchou explains his concerns to the girls and how necessary it was to contact Lian, as one of the best archeologists in the Magic World. So he came to the No Magic World today in order to look for more clues to help them determine how all of these events are connected. Riko feels disappointed but she says nothing.

Outside, the girls talk about how Mirai -a human- became involved with Riko, showing him how she returned Mofurun to her and how it eventually led to them becoming Cure Miracle and Cure Magical. Riko criticizes her explanation but Lian believes he understands enough, quickly jotting down some more notes. He can't understand what it all means, but just then he sees the crescent moon linkle stone spirit floating by, along with the others. The girls bring up how they appeared after they used the Alexandrite, but all they seem to do is float around. Mofurun then recalls the banana spirit, when it filled with a light and disappeared the other day.

Through Cassie, Kouchou recalls something and brings up the emblem he saw while observing the Linkle Stone sometime back. As Lian continues taking notes, Riko observes her necklace before storming off, just in time for Mirai's dad to approach; they quickly shove Mofurun and Cassie into Ha-chan's purse. As the two dads start chatting, the girls suddenly realizes Riko has gone missing. Mirai quickly locates her by the fountain in the park and she joins her to talk, bringing up how amazing her dad is. He's learned so much but he keeps expanding his knowledge by continuing to work hard.

As this is going on, Ha-chan, Lian, and Mr. Asahina have come to the fountain area to try finding the girls when they come across a dad teaching his daughter to learn how to ride a bike. After Mr. Asahina brings up that he was really hoping Lian and Riko would be able to spend time together, Lian begins to express his concerns that lately he hasn't been the best father figure. Today they only spoke of work, it's been making him wonder what she thinks of him now. Ha-chan assures him that Riko loves him very much.

Mirai recalls returning from spring break to Riko, how her dad confided in her that he was worried for her. Her grandma said she would be fine, but this is just what parents do. Mirai believes Lian worries over Riko too, even if it might not seem like it. Riko recalls hearing the same thing from Mrs. Asahina.

Ha-chan continues on to say that Riko raised her with a lot of love, and she's convinced that this is because of all the love Riko received growing up. This causes some concern from Mr. Asahina, but when the little girl falls off of her bike the subject gets dropped. The girl gets back up and she continues trying to ride as Mr. Asahina goes on to talk about how much happier the girls have become over time, and how they have grown up from all of their experiences. Child and Parent help each other grow as time goes on; Mr. Asahina then goes on to adoringly pull out his cellphone to reveal he has several pictures of Mirai, all of which were right after her birth. He becomes so distracted showing them that he doesn't realize Lian and Ha-chan have run off.

Riko is slowly beginning to feel better when the girls notice the sky has darkened. In a flash of colored lightning, Benigyo appears and she introduces herself before summoning a Donyokubaru from the fountains water and nearby plant life. The girls hop on their brooms to fly away from the pursuing monster, causing Benigyo some disappointment as she sits down on the nearby bench to watch. The girls are tossed onto the ground when the Donyokubaru flies by them. Ha-chan and Lian check on the girls as he looks up to recognize Benigyo as one of the servants belonging to the Cataclysm that Kouchou was so concerned over. With Mofurun now returned to them, the girls transform into Pretty Cure.

They dodge the oncoming blasts of water from the Donyokubaru until Magical gets distracted and is sent flying into the ground. As it prepares to shoot out more, Lian comes to her defense. He uses magic to protect her until he's forced to take the hit, rendering him unconscious moments later. Magical worriedly checks on him as Benigyo mocks his efforts for having been in vain without proper power to back him up. The girls tell her off for doubting the power of love and kindness between families, and Magical angrily demands an apology before kicking the Donyokubaru. While it's distracted the girls quickly transform with the Alexandrite and use Extreme Rainbow.

Benigyo takes off and Magical rushes to Lian's side to help him up. Magical smiles to him with her feelings eased once more, and they reconcile as the others look on with relief; along with the linkle stone spirits.

That night, Riko and Lian are sitting outside as he explains that he has to return. She's worried because of his injuries but he insists he'll be fine, and when she expresses disappointment that they couldn't talk more he gets up. He begins to tell Riko how surprised he was upon hearing that she was one of the legendary Pretty Cure. This is the only way he can help against the Cataclysm, and he works hard for not only the sake of everyone, but for her and her friends sake. Since he's been getting updates from Kouchou, he's become convinced that he understands a little more now. Mirai and Riko's feelings when they first met were what made the Linkle Stones appear. He's sure the spirits they've been seeing lately connect to the Linkle Stones also, it's possible they represent the feelings belonging to the girls.

About to leave, Lian stops to observe the moon. He recalls seeing one exactly like it the night of her birth. He's very proud of her and how she's grown since then, which surprises Riko to hear. Lian offers to bring her mother with him the next time he stops by, and he opens his umbrella to take off. Riko gets up and runs over to where he's rising, thanking him for everything.

In this moment the Moonstone spirit begins to glow, and having witnessed this, Mirai, Ha-chan, and Mofurun head inside to see the Magic Circle appear. They see another notch appear and Kouchou -watching through Cassie- takes note of this.

With her dad out of sight, Riko observes the sky and begins to smile.

Major Events

  • Riko's father, Lian, makes his first major appearance.
  • Benigyo makes a full appearance for the first time.
  • The moon spirit of Linkle Stone Moonstone enters the Rainbow Carriage.


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Secondary Characters



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