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Heart Pounding! First Love Tastes Like Strawberry Melon Bread!? (ドキドキ!初恋の味はイチゴメロンパン!? Dokidoki! Hatsukoi no Aji wa Ichigo Meron Pan!??) is the 34th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 619th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Mirai's classmate, Mayumi begins to fall for a boy in a different school and wants to admit her feelings to him. Willing to help, the Cures, along with Kana, help her in writing a love letter to him.


The girls are sleepily making their way to school when they catch Mayumi hiding behind a lamppost. They startle her and she quickly hides upon spotting her crush approach, and as the girls take note of her strange behavior she confesses to them how she feels when they get to school. She met him one day while it was raining, when she tripped and dropped her umbrella. She was smitten from that moment, and she would like to confess to him- but she doesn't even know his name yet. She doesn't know what to do.

Meanwhile, Kouchou determines that the spirits of the Linkle Stones must be waiting around for something to happen. Then they go back into the Rainbow Carriage when they feel satisfied. It's then Kouchou seems to get no response and he realizes he has been left alone.

Riko has changed into her uniform from the Magic World as she explains to Cassie what happened. She arrives, unaware that Kana saw her as a mysterious witch in the sky and she puts the crystal ball onto the table. Kana shows up but to her disappointment the supposed witch she saw was only Riko. The girls explain what happened and she eagerly begins asking Mayumi for more information, but as she learns this is what the fortune telling was for she decides to join them. In the end, they get no reading so Riko and Mirai quickly make something up; they tell Mayumi that she must rely on her own feelings of passion in order for love to grow. Kana seems to get it and she offers to help Mayumi, suggesting they start by learning more about the boy.

After she describes the uniform the boy wears Kana manages to track down the school he attends and they wait for him to leave. But when Kotoha suggests they go to talk to him, Mayumi chickens out and isn't able to do it. She apologizes for wasting their time as everyone heads out for some strawberry melon bread, they understand, but they manage to raise her spirits by telling her that she can't let an opportunity like this to slip by without trying, and Kotoha points out that unless she speaks to him, he won't find out anything in the first place. They encourage Mayumi to try by giving their support, and she agrees to the very next time she sees him.

Mayumi and Kana are walking home when Mayumi confides in her that she's become very nervous and she doesn't believe she can do it. She's worried she will be rejected. Kana reasons that she has to try because she doesn't know for sure, comparing this to how she believes in witches. Everyone says they aren't real but she believes in herself; she knows that one day she will meet a witch. She goes on to apologize for talking like this but Mayumi feels inspired, realizing that she too has to keep believing in herself.

It's evening now and the girls are at the Asahina household when Ha-chan asks why this seems to be so hard for Mayumi. She likes all of them and she feels happy to say it too- but the girls point out that these "likes" are two separate things. Love is something totally different. It can be complicated and you never know how it will turn out, it's not like doing homework when the answer can be clear and precise. Riko goes on to express concern, wondering if they're really in the position to be pushing Mayumi when they hardly know anything about love in the first place.

The following day at school, Riko arrives to find Mayumi attempting to write a letter. She explains that it was their encouragement that got her to this point, and she really wants to do it. She recalls how she didn't have friends back when she entered middle school, because her families work meant she couldn't attend the same school as her prior friends. But one day after school, she dropped her hair pin and Mirai happened to find her. She offered to help her look for it and encouraged Mayumi not to give up, as it meant a lot to her. They managed to locate it in a flowerbed outside, where the Teacher scolded Mirai for not getting the printouts he sent her to collect. She apologizes and heads off after saying farewell to Mayumi, who was left feeling much better after this.

This is why she aspires to become more like Mirai, someone who always puts others before herself and never thinks before she acts. Riko encourages Mayumi to do her best, unaware of the apple Linkle Stone spirit observing them from the window.

After school the girls locate Mayumi's crush with some friends. She has her letter finished but she's starting to worry again. She stands in front of his path to await for him, but as they get closer she panics and runs to the side. The girls quickly take shelter opposite of her as she panics, saying there's too many people with him. Kotoha gets an idea and runs nearby, where she casts magic on the clock in the park. It begins to release several birds, catching the attention of everyone nearby as the birds proceed to chase the group he's with, separating them. The girls eagerly try to convince Mayumi to take advantage of this chance and she agrees, gathering every inch of courage that she can and approaching him.

He recognizes her from before and she attempts to hand over her confession and tell him that she likes him. Just as the sky grows dark, the boy appears surprised, but before he can say anything a girl appears and runs over, so Mayumi quickly hides her confession letter. Rain begins to pour and she opens her umbrella, suggesting they leave. The boy takes off with her and Mayumi is devastated as the boy apologizes and thanks her for the interest.

She crumples up her letter while denouncing her efforts for nothing, tearing up as the others join her. Kana yells out that it wasn't for nothing though. She worked so hard to work up the courage to say something, the others agree and they begin to cry as well, leading Mayumi to calm down and try to get them to do the same. She then suggests they go to wash their faces, and Mirai suggests they grab some strawberry melon bread. At times like this, sweets are always the perfect pick-up. Ha-chan and Riko agree and they head off to join the others when Shakince appears. He talks until noticing them pass him by and he demands an explanation. They refuse to deal with him today while Mayumi feels as badly as she does, and they tell him to leave them alone. This annoys Shakince and he summons a Donyokubaru.

They transform into Pretty Cure but they're so distracted over Mayumi that they do poorly. Shakince criticizes them for such distraction over an emotion with such little meaning, and Magical tell him off. Even if a love isn't mutual, it's very special and it has deep importance. The feelings that come from it are what helps one grow. The apple Linkle Stone spirit floats nearby as the girls gain a burst of power and the fight resumes. While Shakince doesn't understand how such a thing could power up the girls, they take this moment to power up to use Extreme Rainbow.

With the battle over, the Apple spirit returns to the Rainbow Carriage and adds itself into the Magic Circle.

Shakince returns in time to be greeted by the awakened Orba and Chikurun. Benigyo and Shakince express surprise as he reveals that he got up long before they were, he's just been focusing on more important things. Like the source of Pretty Cure's power.

Later in the day, Mayumi and Kana are wondering where the girls went when they stop for a moment. Mayumi thanks Kana for being so supportive towards her, and Kana thanks her for listening to her going on about witches again. They ask to call each other by their first names to signify their established friendship when each one receives a strawberry melon bread, seemingly from the sky. Kana begins to freak out when she looks up to the sky to see the witch again, and Mayumi is initially surprised, but happy for Kana.

Evening begins to set as Ha-chan, Mirai, and Riko make their way home. They are very happy by how things went between the girls, even if Mayumi's love wasn't returned. Ha-chan is so happy when the girls bring up how close they are as friends that she embraces Mirai and Riko.

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