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The Student Council President General Election! Vote for Riko! (生徒会長総選挙!リコに清き一票を! Seitokaichō Sōsenkyo! Riko ni Kiyoki Ippyō wo!?) is the 35th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 620th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Riko decides to run for student council against a shy classmate, but as she gets to know him, she begins to reconsider. Meanwhile, Orba sends Chikurun out to spy on Pretty Cure.


The teacher gives out test scores and reminds the students that the deadline for the Student Council election is coming up, so if anyone is still interested they should turn in their papers soon. Everyone seems to refuse, except for one young man who seriously seems to be considering it. Riko also becomes interested when she hears Mirai explain what this is to Kotoha, saying how they hold responsibility over the rest of the students. The girls are joined by Mayumi and Kana, who recommend Riko try out for the position. She is supported by Mirai and Kotoha.

In the library, Riko decides to study up on the subject. She becomes more persuaded by the concept and quickly agrees to try. She goes with the girls to turn in her paper work, only for them to find out that Yuuto will also be running. Souta apologizes for not lending his support to the girls, but he plans on fully backing Yuuto for this. Their Teacher wishes them both good luck while overlooking their papers.

Meanwhile, Orba is going through various books to learn more about Pretty Cure. Benigyo remarks on how useless things like that are, convinced their mugic can easily overpower their magic. He knows that much, but he still desires to learn more about the girls. Benigyo decides to just let him do what he wants but Orba assures her that he isn't wrong. He's already sent out Chikurun to collect more information; and right now, Chikurun locates the girls at the park discussing how to campaign. Mayumi quickly manages to take charge, suggesting that they focus on making posters to spread Riko's name out, and she should greet the students tomorrow so that they can see her in person. She also recommends that they add a cute mascot to attract more girls to her campaign, and they elect Mofurun.

At home, Mirai uses her quill to make quick posters of Riko and Mofurun. Ha-chan is also making some cute signs for Riko. As this is going on the girls have noticed that the Linkle Stone spirits have been observing them. Kouchou explains his theory that they are observing them in order to find something specific, then they go into the Carriage. Mirai wonders what it could possibly be this time.

The following day, both candidates get to work trying to rally a crowd to their sides. The girls do really well with all of their efforts they made the prior day and Riko explains to the crowd how she would be willing to listen to their suggestions and improve the school, and she left out a box for them to put papers into if they have any. Yuuto struggles greatly because he is so shy, and Souta does what he can to help him out and encourage him, but in the end, Yuuto's campaigning seems to fall a bit short. The girls head inside to overlook the suggestions box, but they're disappointed when they see what everyone asks for- like a snack break and no more homework. Riko wants to be a voice for them but they need plausible requests.

Kotoha is outside when she happens to spot Yuuto fixing up one of the flowerbeds. Some bricks fell loose and he thought by doing so it would make others happy, and surprised by his kindness, Kotoha hides and casts a spell that makes the flowers wiggle around a bit. She returns to say they must be trying to thank him, which makes Yuuto happy as Souta locates him. He calls for Yuuto and he heads off.

After school the girls are finally finishing through their box. They still can't find anything useful among the slips but Riko really wants to try to get some things done, and she decides to head to the Library to pick up a few more books for help. To her surprise, she spots Yuuto, who was tidying up because he thought it might encourage the students to visit more. He would really like for everyone to get along, showing her the arguing sports team outside at the moment. He really wants to improve the school through any means necessary to ensure everyone is happier. He asks Riko what inspired her to run, but she's unable to come up with an answer.

That evening Riko continues thinking about her reasons at home, and she tells Mirai that she hasn't finished her speech yet. She's feeling disheartened as she thinks about how she never figured out what to do once she became a great magician, and now it seems to be repeating. She wanted to become the President for Student Council but she doesn't actually have a major goal. Mirai reads over some of the papers submitted to them and they begin to wonder if fulfilling all of these would really make the school a better place.

Chikurun returns to report what he's learned to Orba, saying that Mofurun serves importance to them, and he hands over a picture he drew of Mofurun. Benigyo decides to just head off to deal with the girls while Orba asks Chikurun to continue on its work.

The next day Kotoha reveals that she made a support sign for Yuuto, as thanks for fixing the flowerbed. She explains what happened to the girls and she plans on supporting the both of the, but Riko continues to think over what Yuuto said the prior day. As it's election day, Yuuto has also shown up early. Just then, the sky darkens and Benigyo appears, a strong gust of wind kicking up that knocks Yuuto's glasses off. Kotoha gets him to a safe sport as she summons a Donyokubaru. Knowing that he can't see them, the girls transform into Pretty Cure.

The fight begins, and the monster quickly slams the girls into the wall of a building nearby, then throws out several sticky papers to keep them in place. They spot Yuuto as he locates his glasses by the flowers and the bricks fall out of the flowerbed again. Despite the strong wind forcing him back, he works to fix them again, holding them in place to keep them steady. He refuses to let the flowers suffer and their flowerbed get destroyed; he promises to protect them with all he can. Words that inspire Cure Magical. Overcome with power, she begins to glow and blasts the sticky papers off.

Just like Yuuto, she wants to protect the school. She summons her Linkle Stick and places the Aquamarine Linkle Stone on it to summon a large blast of ice that freezes the Donyokubaru, followed by Miracle using the Peridot to whip up a strong tornado that blows it high into the sky. Before chasing after it the girls thank Yuuto as he realizes the wind has died down now. The girls summon the Carriage to power-up and cast Extreme Rainbow.

With everything back to normal and Benigyo taking off, the election soon begins. Yuuto explains how he's been trying to keep the flowerbeds and library clean in hopes of encouraging everyone to spend more time there. He really wants school to be a place for everyone to hang out and play together, even with those they might not know yet. Everyone applauds him and he returns to his seat as Riko takes her turn. She honestly confesses that she felt lost seeing everyone's requests. Before she decided to run she didn't even know what she wanted to do with her life, and this felt a lot like that. She can't find an answer but Yuuto always had one, so she believes he would be much better suited. She apologizes to everyone who was supporting her. Riko and Yuuto exchange a handshake as she goes on to say that he inspired her during this, and she hopes that someday she will find her answer.

On the school roof, Mofurun and Chikurun watch as the Carrot spirit of the Garnet Linkle Stone heads back home. It inserts itself into the carriage's magic circle.

Major Events

  • The carrot spirit of Linkle Stone Garnet enters the Rainbow Carriage.
  • The ending changes again, with special focus on Mofurun.
  • Cure Miracle performs a spell with the Linkle Stone Peridot for the first time.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • Cure Miracle and Cure Magical use their Dia Style forms in this episode.
  • The premise for the episode is similar to episode 37 of Smile Pretty Cure!, where one of the Cures run for Student Council president.
  • The Cures switch to their winter uniforms and their first set of casual clothes, with the exception of Kotoha, who remains in her same outfit.


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