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Mirai and Mofurun, and sometimes Chikurun! Wait, Who!? (みらいとモフルン、ときどきチクルン!って誰!? Mirai to Mofurun, Tokidoki Chikurun! tte Dare!??) is the 36th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 621st episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Mirai and her friends make some pancakes with honey, attracting the mysterious bee fairy Chikurun, who eats them when they turn their backs. Chikurun then starts paying them visits in hopes of learning more about Mofurun.


Chikurun searches for Pretty Cure when he happens to pick up the delicious scent of honey, and when he flies down to the Asahina household he sees the girls have prepared some pancakes. He's overcome by hunger and quickly devours Mirai's stack and hides before Mofurun returns with some milk. As she notices the missing pile of pancakes, Mirai joins her and is very upset, quickly casting suspicion as they note only her stack was eaten. Mofurun denies having done anything but she remains uncertain until Mofurun detects a sweet scent.

Moving aside the curtain, they catch the startled Chikurun by surprise. After introducing himself to the girls, Chikurun attempts to take off, but Mirai is peeved and she casts magic on the curtains to capture him. They begin to interrogate him and Mirai remains angry as Chikurun explains how it's been a few days since he last ate. Mofurun is willing to forgive him, and the girls manage to convince Mirai to get over it. Chikurun expresses surprise to see witches from the Magic World here, and the girls go on to ask what brought him to the No Magic World. He quickly comes up with an excuse, saying that the honey of his village isn't good anymore so he's been sent to retrieve some fresh, sweet honey.

This earns some respect from Mofurun and the girls note how friendly they seem to be; which Chikurun believes is because they're both fairies. But to his surprise, he learns that Mofurun isn't a fairy, but a stuffed animal who had magic cast on it. Chikurun can hardly believe this and he begins to think something suspicious is going on, but he asks to learn more about them when they express confusion with this response. Mirai takes out an old photo album to show Chikurun and the others and she explains how she's known Mofurun since birth. They've been through a lot together, she's learned many things because of Mofurun too. Just then, Chikurun has finished taking notes and he gets up to leave saying he must go. Mofurun is a little disappointed, but she takes an interest in a picture of a large flower field once he's gone.

At the park Chikurun summons Orba -in an alternate form- to explain what he's learned. Orba is curious and asks that Chikurun arrange a meeting for the two of them in private there. While Chikurun agrees he complains the moment Orba takes off. Orba suddenly returns and threatens to do that should Chikurun fail him.

The following day Chikurun returns and calls out to Mofurun as Mirai struggles doing her homework. He brings up how he's come to collect some honey and invites her to join in and she agrees, thinking of the lovely flower field again. She wants to let Mirai know first but Chikurun refuses, wishing for the two of them to be together- he even threatens to sting her if she doesn't comply. Mofurun agrees and he picks her up, leading her to the field while complaining over how heavy she is.

Just then, Mirai takes notice of Mofurun having vanished. She sees a note has been left for her, composed of pink paw markings and a flower.

At the field Mofurun happily runs through the cosmos as Chikurun expresses surprise she'd know about them in the first place. Before she can explain why that is, Orba appears and with a gust of wind, picks up Mofurun. He begins tickling her while wondering how she's connected to Pretty Cure when the girls appear and attempt to grab her from him. He uses mugic to distract them, causing the speeding girls to crash into the ground. He assures them that he'll hand over Mofurun and drops her without care. Mirai runs over to catch her and Orba summons a Donyokubaru to see what Pretty Cure is all about.

The girls transform and they fly up as the monster lands on the ground to shoot bullets of energy at them. They manage to land a few blows but it easily sends them into the ground. They easily get up and continue to fight, with Mofurun nearly hurt by the crater left by the monster when they attack it again. She sadly observes some flowers that have been damaged from the fight when a large bullet is shot out, and quickly the Cures grab onto it to try deflecting it back at the Donyokubaru as Miracle tells Chikurun to get somewhere safe. He's surprised by this but they aren't given long to linger on it as the Donyokubaru shoots out several of these large bullets.

As the dust clears Mofurun yells out for it to stop. It's destroying their precious memories and she won't let it continue; she remembers when Mirai was little, when she would tell her about all of the exciting places she got to see when she left home. She dreamed of going to those places and waited for when Mirai could take her, and one day Mirai did just that. She brought Mofurun to this very field they're at now and it was amazing. This field was the first place that they came to together.

Mofurun stands tall as the Donyokubaru prepares to attack, and Miracle quickly comes to her rescue as she recalls this very day she described. The girls hold back the monster and unleash the Alexandrite to perform Extreme Rainbow and purify it. Satisfied with what he's seen for now, Orba takes off. The girls begin to overlook the flowers once more while Mofurun explains how her wish to talk came from Mirai showing her so many things growing up. She told her a lot about the world and Mofurun wanted to be able to share these experiences with her.

While they chat the seashell spirit of the Sapphire Linkle Stone returns to the Rainbow Carriage to add another edge to the Magic Circle. Chikarun returns to remark on how surprising it was to discover the girls were the legendary Pretty Cure, but they become distracted as they see the sun setting in the distance. Mirai lifts Mofurun onto her shoulder and they make a promise to stay friends forever.

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  • As Mirai asks Mofurun if she ate her pancakes, her shorts are drawn out of proportion.


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