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The Secret Ingredient is Magic? The Recipe for Frozen Mandarins! (魔法が決め手? 冷凍みかんのレシピ! Mahō ga Kimete? Reitō Mikan no Reshipi!?) is the 37th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 622nd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The girls head to the Magic World and discover the frozen mandarins aren't frozen like usual and the ice dragons lost their motivation!


Mirai is finishing her homework when Kyoto contacts the girls to see if they know anything about Kouchou's disappearance. Both he and the Magic Crystal are gone and he didn't leave behind any sort of message to say where he's went. The girls are called into the Magic World and Riko is worried as she recalls what happened the last time he vanished. Mirai assures her everything will be fine as the snack cart approaches them. Chikurun -who they brought along- reveals he's never tried a frozen mandarin before and the girls are surprised to find out there aren't any.

It's then they get contact through Cassie, alerting them that they have gone to "the crescent of the sun". The girls realize this must be fire island, which is known for being in permanent summer. It's very warm and uncomfortable but the girls trudge on in search of their Principal. Up ahead they locate his hat, which has been protecting the Magic Crystal from the heat. They express relief when their Principal shows up just then, carrying a large load of mandarins. He returns to the several trees where others are shown harvesting them as well, and after taking a moment to observe the Linkle Stone spirit floating nearby, Kouchou explains how lately the harvest has been suffering somehow. Ha-chan observes the oranges and comments that they seem unhealthy, which he confirms. He only came to look over everything but somehow he ended up helping.

It's then he spots Chikurun and he asks about him, and after he introduces himself, Kouchou asks how the Queen of the Fairy Village is doing. This surprises Chikurun, since only fairies were allowed there and it's an incredibly obscure place. Kouchou explains that a long time ago she came to visit, causing Mirai to express an interest in someday meeting her. Chikurun becomes quiet and Mofurun asks if he is okay, but he says it's nothing.

With all of their oranges the group head out to Ice Island, where the girls are now freezing. A large, intimidating ice dragon appears but Riko walks up to it and begins petting it while assuring the others it's friendly. She explains how their sighs transform the oranges into frozen mandarins, they become so envious when they think about how lovely and warm they feel from the warm rays of sunshine that they release a sigh, instantly freezing them. But as they watch the dragon release a yawn instead, causing them to worry that the oranges might not have been ready after all. This makes them recall how the Don Don Flowers also were lacking from proper sunshine a while back; unaware that Chikurun has left.

Kyoto uses the Crystal Ball to chew out Kouchou for taking off without saying anything and reminds him that tomorrow is their festival and they still have a lot to do to prepare for it. He apologizes and explains that he was hoping to get the mandarins ready for it, and Riko expresses disappointment. Chikurun returns and Mirai suggests they try to focus on getting the frozen mandarins. They try to get another ice dragon to sigh for them; but besides Ha-chan eating the orange she was trying to lure one with, Riko and Kouchou accidentally overheat a dragon that results in it sneezing and temporarily freezing Mofurun and Chikurun. Mirai chases after one to try to wear it out and do something similar to a sigh, but the Dragon ends up encasing the orange in a spiky ice shell, which is too painful to even hold.

Benigyo appears to see Mirai left the group and she spots Kouchou, leading her to remember how he had something to do with their past sealing away. As Mirai tries to find everyone again she summons a Donyokubaru to attack, with only Ha-chan able to transform into Cure Felice to fight it off.

While this is going on, Mirai has made a crash landing and she looks up ahead to notice the ensuing fight. She forces herself up -her hands painfully sore from the cold- and she heads towards their location. Chikurun tries to convince her that this is too far but Mirai refuses to stop, reasoning that she can't do anything else and the others need her. Above her an ice dragon is flying around, and it appears to notice her.

With Felice's feet frozen to the ground she's unable to avoid another attack, but Kouchou comes to her defense and uses his magic to protect her. He's rendered old again as a result, but before Riko can be attacked Mirai shows up, having been given a ride. She and Riko quickly transform into Ruby Style Cure Miracle and Cure Magical and resume the fight after Felice is able to thaw out her feet. The Donyokubaru shoots several large ice spikes at them again but the girls use this to help them reach it while the ice dragon uses it's abilities to turn the monster's unlimited supply of water into snow. Once it hits it with a small tornado, Felice uses the pink tourmaline to summon a pink flower that catches it. She checks on the dragon to make sure it's alright before returning to the battle.

The girls refuse to give up their battle, for everyone who loves the frozen mandarin and their hard-work they put in today to try to get them again. More than anything, they also want Chikurun to be able to try one- it's unthinkable to keep something so delicious away from him. Chikurun is very surprised by the groups kindness and consideration towards him as they go on to use the Alexandrite and purify the Donyokubaru with Extreme Rainbow. Frustrated by this, Benigyo storms off.

With everything returned to normal, Ha-chan approaches the dragon who helped them out and she thanks it while making sure it didn't get hurt. The dragon appears to be quite taken with her, surprising them as it releases a large enough sight to freeze every single basket filled with oranges. Mofurun picks up one of the mandarins and Mirai casts magic to thaw it before handing it to Chikurun to try it out. He complains that it would strange to eat something cold when it's already cold as it is, but seeing how much they want him to try it out, he reasons it can't be helped and he takes a bite. He's very surprised by how yummy it is, and he eats some more as everyone takes a moment to unwind after their long day.

As the Crystal Ball relaxes in a bucket with some warm water, Kouchou enjoys some tea to de-age again, while the girls, Mofurun, and Chikurun enjoy more mandarin and converse with the dragon. Ha-chan thanks it and to their surprise, it sighs and freezes Chikurun. They wonder if they should heat the hot tub up again to thaw him out.

Major Events

  • Cure Felice performs her spell, Linkle Pink Tourmaline while Cure Miracle and Cure Magical are not in their Dia Style forms for the first time.


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