Sweet? Or Not Sweet? The Magical Pumpkin Festival! (甘い? 甘くない? 魔法のかぼちゃ祭り! Amai? Amakunai? Mahō no Kabocha Matsuri!?) is the 38th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 623rd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Magic World celebrates Halloween with a magical flying pumpkin that the participants have to catch. However, something seems to be wrong with it, and it is up to the Cures to find out what is happening.


Ha-chan is famished, and she begins to hallucinate that the Linkle Stone spirits are actual fruits. Mirai and Riko quickly try to stop her and Riko scolds her for skipping a meal earlier. Ha-chan couldn't help it though, she wanted to save lots of room for the festival and all its candies. Mirai agrees and they excitedly chatter about what they hope to see there, but Riko gives them some foreboding words.

Arriving to the Great Pumpkin Festival, Riko and Mirai are delighted upon discovering that the host for the event will be none other than Watanabe Mayu, a popular idol back on Earth. They're surprised to learn that she is also a magic user and she asks them to keep it a secret. She goes on to introduce Kouchou, who will join her as commentator for this. Mirai and Ha-chan are very confused as the Jack O' Lantern on stage gains wings and takes flight, and the girls are joined by Kay, Jun, and Emily. Kay and Riko explain the legend behind the sentient pumpkin bird, who takes flight this time of year and if anyone gets near it, they get transformed into candy and sweets. But if someone can catch it they will earn a golden egg which shall grant them a wish.

The girls express what they would like to find inside the gold egg, but they express disappointment when Riko confidentially says the fun in catching it is knowing how much everyone else wants it. Francois is even revealed to be in pursuit, who wishes to become the most beautiful thing in the world, and he uses a suction cup on a long string to try obtaining it. The pumpkin bird catches onto him but only transforms his broom into a lollipop, still allowing him to fly but having great issue. Then to finish him off, it transforms his hair into mont blanc, which shocks Francois and he's eliminated from competition. Mayu and Kouchou discuss how up until now only one person has been able to capture the pumpkin, it's rumored to be the Principal himself.

Seeing how tough this will be the girls decide to join in the fray, with Ha-chan drawing a pair of large butterfly nets, one for her, Riko, and Mirai, the other for Jun, Kay, and Emily. The trio is surprised that they would want to encourage them to succeed until the girls explain how much fun it would be, and it would probably be easier trying to do it together. They recall their final exam from a while back and the six girls hop on their brooms, where the pumpkin bird quickly spits out magic transforming Kay's broom into a chocolate-covered biscuit. As Mirai comes to her aid, Riko and Ha-chan attempt to distract the pumpkin bird using a similar tactic to the one Mirai and Riko did for their exams, where they both go separate ways to disorient it.

As this is going on, Chikurun is asked by Orba to continue observing the girls today. He arrives just in time for Ha-chan's broom to be transformed, causing her to be thrown into the sacks of flour near him. Once they check on Ha-chan to make sure she's okay, the girls quickly take a moment to introduce Chikurun to the other girls before Kay looks through her book, pointing out how disorienting the pumpkin was the optimal tactic used before. Emily gets an idea and she flies around it with such quick speed that the pumpkin isn't able to focus on which copy of her is the real her, then she makes it even dizzier by spinning around until it's unable to follow along. Kay uses this chance to try to grab it but as soon as she can hold one of its teeth, the pumpkin snaps out of it and turns her broom into a cookie stick and her into a roll cake. She joins Jun, who is attempting to make Emily feel better because she's become very dizzy now and the others head off.

The girls, Mofurun, and Chikurun fly through the large vines of a tree following after the pumpkin, and by now Ha-chan is teary-eyed over being hungry. Mirai tries assuring her that she'll be able to eat soon. Mofurun goes on to express concern over the pumpkin, having noticed that something seemed off with it earlier- when Kay touched it, it seemed scared. Just then, some clouds on the ground begin to lift and Mirai quickly swings down her net to catch it, assuming it's the pumpkin. But to their disappointment it turns out to be Shakince.

They pay him little mind, especially the infuriated Ha-chan who demands to be fed, and she becomes overtaken by how hungry she is when she spots the pumpkin bird flying up ahead. She chases after it and it spits out a magic sphere; but rather than turn her into a sweet, it shot her hat and left a very delicious parfait in its place. As Shakince attempts to figure out what is going on, Mofurun wonders if maybe the pumpkin dislikes the festival. Initially the girls aren't certain until Ha-chan recalls how frightened it looked a moment ago and the girls begin to feel a heavy remorse. Because of how happy it always looked nobody considered that it was actually unhappy.

With the girls nets and parfait, Shakince summons a Donyokubaru. The girls transform and Felice uses the Pink Tourmaline to crush the strawberries it shoots at them while Cure Miracle and Cure Magical dodge the rest to try hitting it. But it shoots out a large burst of cream to send them flying back. As this is going on Mofurun has come across the Pumpkin and she sees it's crying. With Chikurun she notices it doesn't look hurt, and still seeing that it's in pain, she hops into its mouth to try to search for the cause. Chikurun momentarily worries she'll get eaten until she seems to find something.

Felice is struggling to fight and the girls are forced to throw the Donyokubaru back, then they reunite with her to ask if she's alright. She confesses to feeling guilty over what they were thinking about earlier and she feels very sad for the pumpkin. The girls agree, saying that because of everyone being too busy celebrating they never took the time to consider how it felt. This distraction causes the monster parfait to grab Miracle and Magical with its nets, and when Felice attempts to save them she's picked up by it and thrown into its creamy topping. Shakince chastises the girls for wasting their time talking, and they begin to wonder if this is punishment for how they treated the pumpkin bird, but because of how badly they want to apologize to it, they try to free themselves.

It's then the pumpkin appears with Mofurun, and the girls are relieved to see that it feels a lot better. Mofurun explains how it actually loves the festival, the only reason for why it looked so distressed was because of it having a cavity. She got the bad tooth out so it's much happier now, and the girls are very happy to know they were wrong. It spits out candy spheres, transforming the nets of the Donyokubaru into large pieces of gum for the girls, which they chew on to free themselves and Ha-chan. They release the bubbles and the Alexandrite Linkle Stone to change form and purify the monster with Extreme Rainbow.

With everything back to normal the girls thank the cheery pumpkin bird for helping them out. Mofurun talks on its behalf, saying that it wanted to help them for ridding it of its cavity. Because of Mofurun shaking its wing in agreement, Mayu and Kouchou appear to announce her as the winner. The gold egg appears and everyone returns to the festival, where Mofurun is awarded with regal attire and congratulations for winning; as the girls eat some large sweets. Mayu comes by to speak to the trio and she encourages them to keep working hard, while Kay does a quick drawing and transforms it into a special badge for Mofurun to remember tonight's events.

Suddenly, the gold egg begins to a crack, and a tree sprouts out of it to reveal smaller seeds on each branch. As the branches lean down, the seeds transform into toothbrushes and Kouchou joins the girls. He reminds them of the importance in taking care of ones teeth, saying that after a festival like tonight's its very important to remember not to neglect this before going to bed. Everyone picks a toothbrush and begins brushing their teeth while the girls chat about how much fun they had. It then dons on Mirai that because it's Halloween, nobody will realize that they are real witches, which makes her very excited. The girls wonder why this is but she refuses to say.

Major Events

  • Watanabe Mayu, who sang the episode's ending, makes a guest appearance in the episode.


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