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Today is Halloween! Everyone Must Smile! (今日はハロウィン! みんな笑顔になぁれ! Kyō wa Harōin! Minna Egao ni Nāre!?) is the 39th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 624th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The girls are celebrating Halloween in the No Magic World, and Mirai suggests bringing their school-mates with them so that they can see what a human's Halloween is like.


The Snail Train is buzzing with excitement as everyone chatters among themselves. Several of them have never left the Magic World before and they've been anticipating this trip since Mirai suggested it at the Festival. Kyoto reminds everyone to behave and she complains while rejoining Kouchou, who admits that he wouldn't have thought to do this. He's sure the students will learn a lot from the experience. François is also joining them to help keep an eye on everyone.

Now in the human world, everyone excitedly beings looking around at the various Halloween decorations and festivities. Riko and Mirai explain how Halloween is celebrated as a way to give thanks to the autumn harvest each year, and people dress up for the holiday to scare off any naughty spirits or demons that might show up. Riko goes on to explain the "trick or treat" greeting as they find the Mirai's mother working one of the stalls. The girls greet her and they offer to lend her a hand, and while doing this, Kouchou approaches her grandmother when the wind begins to pick up to make sure she's alright. She's left speechless as he smiles and walks away once it calms.

Within the tent, Mofurun wishes she could dress up; and when she tells Chikurun she would like to be a Pretty Cure he starts laughing. She feels discouraged until the girls join her, and Kotoha draws her a Pretty Cure inspired costume with her magic pen- along with changing the girls' outfits too. Mirai is dressed as Mofurun, Riko a black cat, herself a winged unicorn, and Chikurun a bunny. Jun, Kay, and Emily come by to let the girls know that Mrs. Asahina is letting them go to explore the rest of the festival.

As they admire the fun, colorful stalls and stands that have been set up the group is joined by Kana and Mayumi, both of whom dressed up as witches. They invite the girls to check out the crepe stand their class set up, where the girls greet Souta and Yuuto, who are dressed up as a werewolf and mummy. As Kotoha reveals she's now dressed as a mummy -in a sarcophagus- too, the girls offer to lend them a hand when they discover they're very busy. There's only a few of them working and they have a whole line of customers. Kay, Jun, and Emily become inspired to help as well seeing that Mirai and Riko's efforts aren't improving much, and they cast magic to help them create the crepe faster.

Riko and Mirai worriedly watch before Riko scolds them for using magic so carelessly in the open as a large dough monster appears from their attempts. Kyoto also comes by to lecture them and they apologize to the Teacher for making a mess of things. The others resume working as the trio remain concerned over the burden they put on them, but Mirai manages to perk them up and encourage to try without using magic. Emily asks to lend Souta a hand preparing the fruits, while Emily helps another girl mix the dough, and Jun learns to fry the crepe. As Mirai and Riko return to help out Kotoha reveals her next costume, this time an Alien.

While this is all going on Chikurun is confused, he didn't think it would be possible for the humans and magical beings to get along so well. Meanwhile, Benigyo has arrived to the human world and a little girl and her mom happen to come across her. The little girl hands over some candy, which she curiously accepts and decides to transform into a Donyokubaru. A strong wind kicks up, ruining the shared happiness of Mirai and Riko as they observed all of their friends coming together. They, Kotoha, and Mofurun rush to the location of Benigyo after the Teacher and adults get the children and visitors inside where it's safe, allowing them to transform after exchanging some words with her.

The battle begins, with the Donyokubaru causing the girls to struggle with harsh winds and projectiles. But the girls keep up with it, Miracle taking a hit to avoid letting it damage one of the large Halloween decorations. She angrily tells off Benigyo for ruining everyone's good time and Felice comes with the Pink Tourmaline Linkle Stone to absorb the projectiles, then shoot them back at the Donyokubaru. The distraction allows the girls to transform and use Extreme Rainbow.

With everything back to normal, the Aquamarine Linkle Stone spirit returns to the Rainbow Carriage. The Halloween Parade begins, and as this is going on Mofurun offers Chikurun her hand noticing his observation of the others. He slowly begins to accept, only to change his mind and threaten to sting her. Kouchou locates the cluster of balloons that Mirai's grandma was looking for and he returns them to her, but before she can say anything the wind begins to blow again and he leaves while she's distracted. She believes this may very well be the guy she met years back, recalling how those from the other worlds come to visit on Halloween. She's very happy to have gotten to meet him again.

With the festivities ending, the girls see everyone off at the train station. Before Kouchou joins them, Mirai tells him how happy she is to have gotten this chance at becoming a witch. Because of magic she got to meet Riko and Ha-chan, and she can speak to Mofurun now. She's even happier because of their friends from both sides getting to come together and have fun, a sentiment everyone else agrees with as well. On the train, Kouchou tells Lian about their day.

At the Asahina household it's now evening, and the girls are shown to have fallen asleep still donning their costumes.

Major Events


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • Cure Miracle and Cure Magical use their Sapphire Style forms in this episode.
  • The opening contains previews of the upcoming movie, Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure!: Kiseki no Henshin! Cure Mofurun! that was released on October 29, 2016.
  • When Kotoha gives Mofurun a costume based off of Cure Miracle's Dia Style, she calls herself Cure Mofurun, which could be a reference to her alter ego in the movie. Interesting enough, Mirai dresses up as Mofurun.
  • The costumes Kotoha wears are based on the form changes she had when she was a toddler.
  • The karaoke for Pretty Cure☆彡Halloween Carnival! was played during the beginning of the episode after the title card.


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