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Jewelry Every Day! Studying After School At Magic School! (ジュエリーな毎日!魔法学校へ放課後留学! Juerī na Mainichi! Mahō Gakkō e Hōkago Ryūgaku!?) is the 41st episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 626th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The girls decide to focus on their magic schooling after attending school at No Magic World, and because of the Holiday they decide to hold a secret slumber party.


Arriving home from school the girls quickly prepare to board the Snail train to head out to the magic school. Chikurun returns to Orba to inform him of this and how they were planning on attending both now because of how close the two worlds have become.

The girls learn about the Magic World geography in class, where Kyoto goes over the foundation of the school and how the large tree supports it. They also learn about the primary modes of transportation, and Liz has them boil water in tubs, rather than buckets like last time.

The trio continue with their plans as they head home to go to sleep. They attend school and pack up to spend the evening at the Magic World since tomorrow is a Holiday. But when the girls arrive to their dorm room to find it full of various art items, they are found by Jun who explains she's been storing her projects there. She invites the girls to spend the night with her to make it up to them and they return inside, unaware of Kouchou and Kyoto watching them. Kyoto is happy to see this but Kyoto worries over them and suggests they still patrol as they do every night. Her words make him sad as he thinks about Kushe once more.

It's evening now and the girls are dressed for bedtime when Emily and Kay arrive with various sweets and other fun items. While the girls are excited, Riko asks if there will be enough room for them all and Ha-chan uses magic to enlarge Kay's bed- to the point that it overtakes most of the room. She apologizes for having overdone it but with Chikurun and Mofurun having fun bouncing on it, the girls quickly join them. A bit later they have a snack of various candies, spiny cookies, and glitter pops, as well as strawberry melon bread and rice crackers. But while eating, Emily anxiously warns everyone to be quiet when she hears footsteps approaching, those of Kyoto. Jun is sure they'll be fine though, since her room is at the very end of the hallway.

To calm everyone, the girls play a quick game of imitation before pretending to go to sleep just as Kyoto arrives to the room. She's surprised to see the girls are asleep but she takes off, and Jun holds up a set of cards to play as Mofurun and Chikurun continue snacking. After they are eliminated from the game Jun goes on to reveal that she has a late-birthday present for Riko and she hands it over, but the surprise ends up being a prank item that frightens Riko. She chases Jun around the bed until they hear Kyoto approach again, and they pretend to be asleep once more. This time, Kyoto tricks the girls and startles them after they get up a moment later, but after they fall over pretending to be asleep she expresses exasperation and leaves.

The girls wonder what could have happened because she wasn't angry with them, and once Riko threatens revenge on Jun should she scare her again, Jun happily remarks on how different Riko is from the student they assumed her to be when they first met. Kay goes on to bring up how she and Emily used to be afraid of Jun when they first met, and Emily confesses that she couldn't have imagined them holding a slumber party like this before. Jun goes on to say it's because of Mirai and they agree, saying how she brought excitement to them and managed to pull everyone together. Mirai is surprised by these words and after the girls go to bed, Riko, Mofurun, Ha-chan, and Chikurun awaken to see Mirai is still up.

She admits that she had been doing some thinking and expresses how much fun tonight has been. The girls agree when Riko brings up Jun's prank, only to spot a nearby box. She opens it to find a small doll based on her within it and they realize it's from Jun, who happily acknowledges her plan worked -while still asleep- and Mirai goes on to say that it's not just because of her that excitement surrounds them. It's because of how they met, and how she came back here with Riko and gained permission to study magic with everyone else. They were together this entire time; she wishes these happy days could continue forever. Riko agrees and they observe the sparkling, evening sky together. Just then, they spot Kouchou flying out somewhere.

At the base of the large tree, Kouchou converses with the Crystal Ball to try to determine where the book owned by Dokurokushe may have ended up. He theorizes that it's been carried out by the ocean, words overheard by Orba. He demands to know why he's there and Orba calmly explains that he came to look for something.

The girls were concerned so they hopped on their brooms and came out in search of Kouchou, who they see has just been wounded by Orba. He warns him to stay out of his way as they check on him to make sure he's alright, with Chikurun hiding in observation. Orba remarks that he didn't have business with the girls, but because he can't have them interfering either he decides to summon a Donyokubaru. The girls transform and Orba explains how soon their efforts will be for naught, and both of these worlds shall be transformed into ruin. As she thinks about their days and how much fun they've had together, Cure Miracle boldly tells him that she will not let this happen. These days that they live and have fun together will become precious memories, and that's not something that anyone can get rid of. Orba isn't very interested in this however, and he resumes the battle.

The girls grab the oars of the Donyokubaru and spin it around to make it very dizzy, and Cure Felice summons her magic of the Pink Tourmaline Linkle Stone to grab the monster in a large, glowing pink flower. It then shoots it several feet away, with the girls changing with the Alexandrite to purify it with Extreme Rainbow. As this is going on they are unaware of Orba having located the book he came to find within the ocean waters. He goes on to show them afterwards and takes off, with the girls worriedly turning to Kouchou for answers. He explains how it was the tome Kushe was using and they express shock, as they thought it was destroyed. Kouchou wonders why Orba could want the book but with nothing else, they must call it a night. He thanks the girls for their help and they return to the school.

After he leaves they are joined by Emily, Jun, and Kay, who were worried as they left without saying anything. They worried they might have left for home, but seeing as they're okay Jun suggests they fly up to the moon. The group eagerly fly up together and Riko holds hands with Mirai.

Kouchou observes them from his office with the Crystal Ball, who comments on how much fun they are having. Kouchou agrees, but he begins to feel saddened again as he wishes Kushe could be there with him.

Major Events

  • A new eyecatch debuts at the beginning of the second half of the episode.
  • Orba obtains Dokurokushe's book.


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