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Deliver It To Chikurun! The Magic Pudding Filled With Feelings! (チクルンにとどけ!想いをのせた魔法のプリン! Chikurun ni Todoke! Omoi wo Noseta Mahō no Purin!?) is the 42nd episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 627th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Orba orders Chikurun to steal the Linkle Stones but he feels conflicted due to how well he has gotten to know everyone. Meanwhile, the girls prepare some special honey pudding for him as a sign of friendship.


As morning arrives, Chikurun thinks about how he met Orba. He was peacefully napping while the others at the Fairy Village were busily working. Orba greeted him and they had a conversation before he decided to speak to the Queen to report Chikurun's laziness, out of curiosity to see what would happen. Chikurun begged for him to reconsider and Orba agreed, on the condition that he work for him.

Mofurun wakes up Chikurun to see if he's alright as she reminds him that they were still at the sleepover. Chikurun prepares to go, coming up with the flimsy excuse that he's off to collect some honey. But Mofurun wants to come with him, and he's forced to give in when she continues pestering him. She wakes up Mirai to join them, and while they collect honey Chikurun is summoned by Orba to give him an update. By now Shakince is becoming impatient and wants to defeat the girls now, but Chikurun manages to convince him to wait a bit longer, because they would be wasting time. All they need to do is capture the Linkle Stones and the girls won't be able to get in their way. Shakince accuses Chikurun about caring about the girls, but he feverishly denies it as Orba agrees to try this out. Before he returns, Shakince warns him not to take too long or else he will step in.

Chikurun decides to stay behind when Mirai announces that she and Mofurun will be going now. They were going to make sweets with the others and she's very excited. They arrive back to find Riko and Ha-chan waiting, and after they explain what happened Mofurun announces how she had so much fun, she would like to repay Chikurun. Riko suggests they make special sweets for Chikurun and the others agree, and they head into the kitchen with Jun, Emily, and Kay. Liz reveals some honey pudding and her plans on teaching the girls how to make it. She goes on to show the ingredients -magic chicken eggs, Pegasus milk, and fresh honey- and with magic she prepares them. But the girls have varying success, with Kay being too hard and getting egg shells in her bowl, Emily being too light to open her egg, and Ha-chan skillfully making her egg open like a flower while its contents drip into separate bowls.

Chikurun feels concerned over taking the Linkle Stones, aware that the girls could be in danger should they go missing- but if he doesn't get them, then he will be in trouble. He realizes that he must take them, but while wondering where the girls went Mofurun calls out to him. He is very touched when the girls reveal what they were doing, but this makes him feel worse. Ha-chan is called to move the Linkle Smartphone so that it won't get dirty and Chikurun slowly follows her as she places it into their bag, carrying the other Linkle Stones. When the girls get distracted, he makes an attempt to approach it until Mofurun startles him.

He's forced to wait with her there, and this makes him begin to recall the various fun moments they shared; along with Shakince's threat and Orba's intimidation. Just then, the oven dings and the puddings come out, and now the girls must put honey on them. Before Mofurun heads off to lend the girls a hand, Chikurun offers her the small pot of honey he was gathering. He then makes off with the bag as the girls become distracted by their delicious treat, but as they decide to take a break they realize it's gone missing. They manage to find it and Chikurun as he is preparing to hand it over to Shakince, who criticizes the girls for obliviously not realizing he was working against them this entire time. The girls are so shocked that they can't react when he shoots out a blast that causes them to fall to the ground. He swats Chikurun after he angrily chews him out for going against their deal.

As the sky darkens Shakince transforms into a large, monstrous being and eats the bag containing the Stones and Smartphone. Chikurun flies up and dodges his hand, flying into his mouth while he's distracted to retrieve it, much to the girls surprise. He is hit by an attack but Mofurun catches him, and with the Smartphone the girls are able to transform into Pretty Cure. Shakince easily manages to keep the girls away and he goes after Mofurun and Chikurun, threatening to stomp on them, but the girls quickly come to their rescue and manage to put up a shield to protect them.

Shakince insults the girls for protecting someone who betrayed them, but Miracle, Magical, and Felice assure Chikurun that he is still their precious friend. He did what he could to help them just now, and they are very angry for him to speak so poorly to their friend. Mofurun tells Chikurun that they will always be friends, causing him to begin weeping as a strong power is unleashed and the girls become strengthened. They are very confused as it's explained how the Topaz Linkle Stone represents excitement, and nothing could be more exciting than friends coming together. Mirai floats up and summoning a large, magical hammer, she smashes it into Shakince until he's weakened enough to let them use the Alexandrite.

With Shakince rid of, the girls head outside to eat their pudding. They can understand why Chikurun did what he did as he explains how scary the Queen of the Fairy Village is. The girls help him feel better by offering to return with him, and Mofurun offers him the pudding she was holding. After a moment of hesitation, Chikurun takes a bite of the pudding and everyone begins to enjoy themselves, which satisfies the grape spirit of the Amethyst Linkle Stone and it returns to the Rainbow Carriage.

Just then, one of the Linkle Stones and the Smartphone begin glowing, and a door of magic appears. They realize it must have shown up to take them to the Fairy Village and eagerly run inside to find a flower-filled forest awaiting them on the other side.

Major Events

  • The Cures defeat Shakince.
  • The grape spirit of the Linkle Stone Amethyst enters the Rainbow Carriage.
  • The Cures and Mofurun find out Chikurun was a spy for Orba but forgive Chikurun anyway and reconcile their relationship.


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