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To The Fairy Village! Magic World's Secret is Revealed! (いざ妖精の里へ!あかされる魔法界のヒミツ! Iza Yōsei no Sato e! Akasareru Mahō Kai no Himitsu!?) is the 43rd episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 628th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The girls arrive to the Fairy Village to speak to it's Queen, and along the way they begin to learn of the various events that took place several years back...


At the fairy village, Ha-chan is overwhelmed as the girls admire the lovely flowers surrounding them. To their surprise, she suddenly shrinks down and gained wings again, she's become a fairy again. As Chikurun wonders what happened, he's surprised when the Queen yells out to him and rushes to his side for an embrace. Chikurun tearfully holds her, then she begins to pinch his cheeks for being such a naughty child. Riko and Mirai quickly try to stop her while Chikurun wails an apology.

As the Queen leads them to their home -a large tree- she expresses how humans have never been there before. With some fairies assistance the Queen has some yummy pancakes and tea prepared for the girls and they sit for a chat. The little fairies are surprised by how much the girls can eat in comparison to themselves, but they begin to scold Chikurun for worrying the Queen so much. She was out searching for him every day, which causes Chikurun to express remorse.

Just then, the girls wonder why it was that Ha-chan became a fairy again. She isn't very sure, all she remembers is that while they looked at the flowers she remembered seeing a sea of flowers from the past. The Queen recognizes these words and she begins to tell the girls of lovely flowers covering the world. Unfortunately she is only 3,000 years old and she doesn't know much else, but her predecessor or the one before her would probably have some idea. Suddenly, a very old fairy known as the Legend Queen appears; the predecessor that came after the current Queen's predecessor. They give her some castella and tea, and she seems to recognize Ha-chan before noting how special this was for Riko and Mirai, girls who came from the separate worlds to have come together as friends. She agrees to tell them everything.

A long time ago, the humans, animals, and magical beings lived together harmoniously in one world. Flowers covered this beautiful land, which was protected by a large tree overlooking it; a tree where Mother Rapapa would watch over this land. The legend queen recalls how she was young back when the cataclysm occurred. Chaos began to overtake the world, created by Deusmast; but Mother Rapapa was able to protect it with the magic of the land and she sealed him and his servants away. Both she and the Tree were very weakened from this; she passed away as the Tree drifted through space, and the world she created slowly began to change.

But one day, something amazing happened. A new world began to form through the Tree, and that world became the very one they are in now. The girls are surprised realizing that the tree she speaks of is the one within the school grounds, and the world that was left behind was the No Magic World. Their memories were slowly forgotten over time, and eventually the two worlds became closed off from each other. Ha-chan goes on to ask how she can remember the sea of flowers from such a long time ago in this case, but before she gets an answer the girls are startled to turn around and find Sparda eavesdropping on them.

Orba reveals himself and the dark magic book, and he explains how he brought her back with it in order to test Pretty Cure. The fairies are frightened as Orba goes on to casually greet Chikurun, and Sparda wastes no time in summoning a Yokubaru after threatening payback for the girls purifying her in the past. The Queen quickly has everyone hide somewhere safe as Chikurun floats up to Sparda and demands she stop it, much to the Queen's alarm. She's stopped by her guards to keep her safe. He weeps while explaining that because of the Queen has been put through so much that she is undeserving of any more pain, causing Orba to bring up how frightened of her Chikurun was in the past. He says he was wrong, and it was his stupidity that let her suffer before; he won't let anyone else cause her anymore sadness or suffering.

Sparda flicks Chikurun away refusing to listen, enraging Ha-chan and causing her to transform back into her larger sized human form. The girls transform into Cure Miracle, Cure Magical, and Cure Felice and fight off the Yokubaru. But they barely manage to dodge it's attacks, causing them to run into each other. Felice angrily uses the Pink Tourmaline Linkle Stone to send the monster high into the sky, allowing Miracle and Magical to regain their footing. She begins to glow, alarming Orba as magic surrounds her and wings appear, and with little effort she uses Emerald Reincarnation to purify the monster.

Sparda refuses to give up and she makes an attempt to grab the Emerald, but the girls quickly come to Ha-chan's rescue and destroy her webbing. They change with the Alexandrite and Sparda's dark magic is overtaken by them and she returns to her purified state as a small spider. Orba revives her and suggests they return for now.

With everything back to normal, the girls sit down again with the fairies. The Legend Queen recalls Mother Rapapa's final words; that some day a magical event will bring along with it their hopes and a wish, for the two worlds to reunite once more. This had a special meaning; Pretty Cure. Just then the door of magic reopens and they determine it must be time to leave. Chikurun is overcome with emotion and he has decided to stay in the Fairy Village, and he cries while trying to say goodbye to the girls, only to quickly try to claim that he isn't upset. They promise to come and visit, as he does to them, and the girls take off. Once the door disappears, Chikurun attempts to fight off tears while thanking the girls for what they have done.

The Legend Queen goes on to confide in the current Fairy Queen, saying that while Mother Rapapa may be gone, she is sure that Pretty Cure will bring the two worlds together again.

Back at the school Ha-chan confesses that while she has learned a lot, she still has many questions. But she still feels good because of the girls, she knows that they will always be by her side. Together, the four begin to admire the setting sun's golden sky.

Major Events

  • Kotoha temporarily turns back into a fairy after seeing a flower field brings back her memories as Ha-chan.
  • It is revealed that the two worlds used to be one until Mother RaPaPa exhausted her powers, thus causing it to separate into the Magic World and No Magic World.
  • Sparda is revived by Orba, only to be purified and then revived again.
    • Sparda meets Cure Felice for the first time.
  • A regular Yokubaru is used for the first time since Yamoh's defeat.
    • A stronger Yokubaru is used for the first time.
  • Chikurun decides to stay in the Fairy Village, leaving the Cures and Mofurun behind.
  • This episode reveals that Mother RaPaPa sealed Deusmast inside the sun with Diamond Eternal.
  • The ending changes again for the month.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • Cure Miracle and Cure Magical use their Sapphire Style forms in this episode.


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