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Mofurun's Greatest Struggle! Everyone Has Become Kids!? (モフルン大奮闘!みんな子供になっちゃった!? Mofurun Dai Funtō! Minna Kodomo ni Nacchatta!??) is the 44th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 629th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.

Major Events

  • The Cures were turned into children by Orba.
  • Batty and Gamettsu are revived by Sparda. 
  • The berry spirit of the Linkle Stone Pink Tourmaline enters the Rainbow Carriage.


The episode begins with Mirai, Riko and Kotoha returning home from shopping together. Before they can go back inside, Orba appears nearby and tries casting some dark magic on them. Once they're back inside, everyone tries to figure out what happened. Mirai throws a tantrum whilst Mofurun remains level-headed and suggests they contact the headmaster about it.

Upon learning of their predicament, the headmaster decides to travel over to the No Magic World to try and help out. Meanwhile, it also seems that the girls' attention spans have also decreased. Kotoha gets on her broomstick and chases a bird, but is able to make it back safely to the bedroom. Riko's stomach growls, so Kotoha uses some magic to conjure up some food. Whislt Orba observes the girls, Sparda approaches him and suggests they add a couple more soldiers to their cause. Orba allows it.

After feeling full from the giant pancake, Kotoha uses her magic to send it away somewhere. Then the girls decide it's nap time. In the Magic World, the headmaster prepares his things to travel to the No Magic World.

Meanwhile, Sparda tracks down her allies and brings them back to Orba, who revives them. Neither Batty or Gamettsu are too keen about being brought back. However, when Sparda tells Gamettsu about the Emerald Cure, he desires the opportunity to test his strength. Batty, however, remains incredibly reluctant. Sparda, Gamettsu, and Yokubaru show up outside Mirai's house and call them out for battle. Mofurun tries to hold off the threat as the girls are sleeping.

The girls wake up and transform. Miracle and Magical tackle Yokubaru, whilst Felice's opponent is Gamettsu.


Pretty Cures



Secondary Characters


  • Cure Miracle and Cure Magical use their Dia Style forms in this episode.
  • The premise of the episode is similar to episode 38 of Smile Pretty Cure!, where the Cures are turned into children.
    • However, unlike the Smile Cures, the Mahou Girls manage to return to their original age after transforming.


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