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Mofurun's Greatest Struggle! Everyone Has Become Kids!? (モフルン大奮闘!みんな子供になっちゃった!? Mofurun Dai Funtō! Minna Kodomo ni Nacchatta!??) is the 44th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 629th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Returning from a shopping trip, the girls are shocked to discover they have been turned into children!


The episode begins with Mirai, Riko and Kotoha returning home from shopping together. They stop at the door as Mofurun observes the little honey pot Chikurun gave to her and she begins to think about him again. But she assures the others that she's alright because she knows they can still see each other.

The group is unaware of Orba, who is floating above them. He casts dark magic on them, transforming them into children. The girls head to Mirai's bedroom, where she proceeds to throw a tantrum whilst Mofurun remains level-headed and suggests they contact the headmaster about it. But because of the girls being smaller, they struggle to reach the Crystal Ball. Riko tries using her broom to fly up to it, but her magic skill has decreased and she can barely hold onto it. Mirai and Ha-chan manage to reach with some help from the chair, and they contact Kouchou.

The Headmaster is very surprised by the turn of events, and while he tries to determine what happened the girls quickly become distracted; Ha-chan grabs her broom to try following a passing bird, while Riko and Mirai goof around. Ha-chan comes crashing back into the bedroom and her broom knocks over the crystal ball, ending the call with Kouchou. Everyone worriedly checks on Ha-chan to make sure she's alright and she begins to laugh, and when Riko begins to feel hungry she uses magic to conjure up some food- but the pancake ends up being too big.

While Orba is observing the girls, Sparda approaches him and suggests they add a couple more soldiers to their cause. Orba allows it.

The girls are filled up and Mofurun feverishly tries to eat the remainder until Ha-chan uses magic to get rid of it after realizing that it's just going to keep regrowing. By now they have become very sleepy, so they settle down for a nap. This makes Mofurun recall her nap times with Mirai when she was little, and she covers them up with a blanket. But upon hearing Kyoko arrive home, Mofurun quickly has to keep her from coming into the room and she leans on the door to keep her out. She pretends to be Mirai and claims she isn't feeling well, and Kyoko suggests that she rest until dinner and walks away.

Meanwhile, Kouchou is packing up to head to the No Magic World in order to determine what happened. He is also concerned because of Kushi's dark magic tome having gone missing. Just then, the large pancake appears and entirely covers the table he was sitting at. He curiously picks some off and eats it while wondering where it could have come from.

As this is going on, Sparda tracks down her allies and brings them back to Orba to be revived. She introduces them to Orba and explains what happened, but neither Batty or Gamettsu are too keen about being brought back as their original purposes have been fulfilled. Sparda encourages Gamettsu by bringing up that there is a new cure and everyone takes off, leaving Batty in the forest to do whatever he decides.

Summoning a Yokubaru, Sparda and Gamettsu show up outside of the Asahina's household and call the girls out for a battle. Mofurun tries quieting them and tell them that the girls are napping, but Sparda could care less and she shoots webbing out to stick Mofurun to the house. The girls quickly get up and run outside but she attempts to tell them to run away for a safe spot while freeing herself, saying that because of them being so young their magic won't work as well as usual, she has to be the one to protect them. The girls are touched by her declaration as Orba appears, transforming the area and covering it with a barrier of darkness.

As the girls thank Mofurun for what she was trying to do, Gamettsu chews out Sparda because she misled him. She doesn't linger on it very long as the girls prepare for battle, instead she challenges them by asking what they could possibly do. They transform and because of their bodies aging up during this, they are no longer children upon finishing. Sparda commands the Yokubaru to attack, and during this Gamettsu goes after Felice while demanding she show him only her true strength. Miracle and Magical worriedly watch but they are unable to come to her aid as several, large spikes are shot out by the Yokubaru at them. The girls grab a pair of the spikes to try defending themselves from the monster.

Gamettsu is surprised by the Emerald's strength as Ha-chan asks him how he can be here again. She recalls his last battle with the others and how he chose to stop fighting and let them purify him, but this confuses him. He asks how she could know this until being reminded of that moment, and it dons on him that Felice was the little fairy who tried to protect the girls. Just then, Orba intervenes and summons dark magic locks that grab onto the both of them and shoot spikes into the ground to hold them still.

He approaches Ha-chan to ask who she is, realizing that she has a connection to the one who defied them; Mother Rapapa. He explains how he was using today to try to learn more about her, but the tome ended up being useless. Felice angrily calls him out on dragging everyone else into something concerning her, and when he calls this "trivial" it further frustrates her. The Peach spirit of the Pink Tourmaline Linkle Stone returns to the Rainbow Carriage, and the dark magic forcing Felice still disappears, suddenly empowered. She uses the linkle stone, summoning a large pink flower that sends out energy forcing their enemies back. After reuniting with Miracle and Magical the girls release the Alexandrite to use Extreme Rainbow.

The villains take off and everything returns to normal, with Kouchou arriving just in time to witness this from the Snail Train.

Evening sets and the girls have returned to normal, reasoning that transforming triggered it. They remark that while it was tiring, it was also kind of fun, and they compliment Mofurun for being so reliable. It's then dinner is called and the girls head out to the table, where Mirai is disappointed to see that in comparison to everyone else's filling meals, she only got some rice porridge. Kyoko explains that she made it since she was sick earlier, but her "mofu mofu cough" seems to be gone now. As the girls wonder what she is speaking of, Riko and Kotoha offer to share some of their own meals with Mirai.

Major Events

  • The Cures were turned into children by Orba.
  • Batty and Gamettsu are revived by Sparda.
  • The berry spirit of the Linkle Stone Pink Tourmaline enters the Rainbow Carriage.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • Cure Miracle and Cure Magical use their Dia Style forms in this episode.
  • The premise of the episode is similar to episode 38 of Smile Pretty Cure!, where the Cures are turned into children.
    • However, unlike the Smile Cures, the Mahou Girls manage to return to their original age after transforming.


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