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A Magical Christmas! Mirai Becomes Santa!? (魔法のクリスマス!みらい、サンタになる!? Mahō no Kurisumasu! Mirai, Santa ni Naru!??) is the 46th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 631st episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


It's Christmas time and the girls pay a visit to Santa's workshop, but after they find out Isaac-sensei will be helping and he gets hurt, they offer to fill in for him.


The girls are showing Ha-chan the festivities that have been put up to celebrate the Christmas holiday. Mirai admits that she didn't know the magic world celebrated it as well; as well as the fact that Santa also happens to be a magician too. After they explain what he does, Ha-chan asks to meet him.

Heading inside, the trio observe several guys dressed up as Santa loading gifts and preparing to take off. Along with them are Isaac-sensei and Mr. Gustav, who explain that the real Santa lives in Finland, but as he can't be everywhere at once they all tend to step in to lend him a hand. It's a tough job but they want to do what they can- unfortunately, as he tries to lift his bag Isaac-sensei's back gets hurt and he's forced to lay down. This causes Gustav to worry, even being down one Santa could end up ruining things. Wanting to help things go smoothly, Mirai volunteers herself, Riko, and Ha-chan to step in.

The girls have changed clothing as they realize Mirai's conviction. She recalls the excitement of waiting for Santa and how he brought her Cinderella when she was little, along with Riko, who agrees as she recalls him bringing her a Magical Tome. Ha-chan promises to do her best too, and seeing how happy she is makes the girls feel relieved. When they express this to her, she runs over to embrace them.

At the Non-Magic world, Mayumi and Kana are chatting about how Kana made a wish to Santa earlier. Mayumi asks if it's okay to still do this and Kana assures her it is, and she requested that he fulfill her dream of seeing a magician; even if for a moment, she wants to see one up-close once and for all. Mayumi is concerned over this as she expresses how much it would mean to her. She's seen them before, but for all she knows it could be something like an alien, or someone's project. This will confirm she's been right the whole time. Mayumi goes on to ask Kana how her fixation for such a thing even began, and Kana confides that since she was younger, she's been convinced that she has seen things like ghosts and ufo. But anytime she tried to tell others she wasn't believed, and she was lonely as a result. She tried to find proof but it's all been fake, and this makes her worry that she's been nothing more than a liar this entire time. But she's sure what she saw was real and she wants to prove it. Mayumi smiles and states that Santa probably heard her story just then.

With presents bundled up the girls prepare to leave, having boarded their snail-drawn sleigh. Mr. Gustav explains how beginners are given snails to start out with, and the girls head off, trying to locate the Magic Merchant Alley. Mirai worriedly points out that their first home is lacking a chimney until Riko holds up a special stocking that Santa normally uses, made from the feathers of the Ordodo bird, who lives on Mt. Deliviri. You pop the present or item inside and then it appears in the target's stocking. She explains how you need to be near their home or else the present won't be delivered, and they take a peek in the nearby window before going to the next location.

Along the way, they come across a little girl in distress as she proclaims hating her mom. The girls bring their sleigh down to speak to her and she explains how her mom threatened to tell Santa that she didn't clean her room, so she wouldn't get presents this year. Mirai asks if she apologized, and after the girl claims to hate her again, she takes out her letter that Santa got and reminds the little girl how she asked for an apron so that she could bake with her mother. Mirai comforts the little girl and asks that she tidy up and apologize to her, and the little girl takes her advice. As they observe her apologize they drop off her gift.

They run into Gustav to let him know they have finished delivering their presents -and even grabbed a drink- and he is very impressed. When they express an interest in delivering more he hands over a slip and asks them to handle the bundle to be delivered to Roothaven City. However, after arriving to their destination, the girls are momentarily dismayed upon discovering their snail needs a break because she's beginning to feel sore. So they take out their brooms to continue delivery.

As this is going on Mayumi and Kana have left a Christmas party. They had a lot of fun, although they wish they could have hung out with Mirai and the others. Just then, Mayumi spots something in the sky and slowly points it out to Kana to reveal three magicians flying on brooms. Kana is shocked, and Mayumi grabs her hand, insists they follow after them.

With their beards on, Riko explains how they can't rely on the Ordodo-to-go system to help them now that they aren't in the magic world. They'll have to do it the way Mr. Gustav taught them; ringing on people's doorbells to call them to the door so that they can drop off the presents. Mirai sneaks into a little girl's bedroom as she sleeps and they head on, a bit worn out now but happy and willing to keep going. Mofurun notices how happy Mirai is especially. The Melon spirit of the Peridot Linkle Stone is slowly trailing behind them in observation.

By now Mayumi and Kana have lost sight of the magicians, but Benigyo overheard them and she appears to ask for information. having heard them. She becomes offended when they ask if she is one too, followed by asking if she might be related to Santa and she retaliates by blasting near them with mugic.

The trio witness this glowing light and they rush to the location to find a burned marking in the ground Benigyo left, along with their frightened friends. They hurriedly transform into Pretty Cure to come to their rescue, with Kana and Mayumi surprised to see these magical beings before them. Benigyo summons a Donyokubaru and Mirai yells at her for trying to ruin Christmas, she calls it nonsense and commands the monster to attack as Felice tells the girls to run. Kana begins to leave until realizing Mayumi is still there, and she confesses to being too frightened to move. The girls battle the monster and grab onto it to pull it up into the sky to make sure nobody gets hurt. When the monster begins throwing out bags of trash in their direction, Felice uses the Pink Tourmaline to protect them and once again tells them to leave, this time the girls manage to get to safety.

Benigyo goes on to ask what "Chris-whatever" is, having been hearing so much about it. Felice explains how Santa brings presents to children all over the world, and how it's a time for everyone to smile and celebrate. Benigyo thinks this is funny, but the Donyokubaru seems to want a present, leading the girls to explain how they are only for good boys and girls, and as Felice chews it out for irresponsibly throwing around garbage it begins to worry. With it being distracted, Felice quickly cleans up each bag it's thrown on the ground until a pile has formed, then she picks it up and tosses it into the opened garbage can bottom of the monster, allowing the girls a chance to use the Alexandrite Linkle Stone to purify it.

Kana and Mayumi resided nearby to observe the battle, while the Peridot Linkle Stone spirit decides to return to the Rainbow Carriage. With it being safe now, the girls come out of hiding to personally thank Pretty Cure for saving them. Kana and Mayumi then go on to ask if they are magicians, which begins to worry the girls until Mayumi manages to calm her down, pointing out how uneasy they look about having been seen by them. The girls explain how they have certain "rules" they have to abide by, such as not letting anyone discover them. Kana promises not to tell anyone and the girls relax as she expresses her happiness to at least know she wasn't wrong.

Mayumi promises not to tell anyone as well and they head off. She feels very happy for Kana to have gotten her wish tonight and Kana agrees, going on to say that she also feels glad to have a friend who believed in her. Mayumi wasn't able to hear her, so she asks for a repeat, but Kana quickly claims to have been speaking to herself.

The following day everyone is celebrating Christmas Day. Mirai and Riko are making their way back to the Asahina household to find many happy children with their toys, and upon arrival they find a startled Ha-chan, who is holding a stocking. She explains how she woke up to find it, but they are surprised because they were the ones acting as Santa last night. They wonder who could have delivered it, and they open the box inside to find a delicious cake sent to them from Isaaci and Gustav.

Major Events

  • The melon spirit of the Linkle Stone Peridot enters the Rainbow Carriage.
  • Kana meets the Pretty Cures for the first time, thus fulfilling her wish to see a real life magic user. She promises to keep their existence a secret.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • Cure Miracle and Cure Magical use their Ruby Style forms in this episode.
  • The karaoke track for Precure Holy Night was used in the episode.
  • Isaac-sensei gives the Cures a strawberry cake as a gift, which could be a reference to the upcoming season KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode, where Cure Whip's motif is based on a strawberry shortcake.
  • When visiting the Santa workshop in Magic World, they refer to "Santa Claus is from Finland", referring to the Finnish town of Rovaniemi, which is north of the Arctic Circle and advertises itself as "the home of Santa Claus".


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