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Cure Up・RaPaPa! Tomorrow Will Become A Good Day Too!! (キュアップ・ラパパ! 未来もいい日になあれ!! Kyuappu・RaPaPa! Ashita mo Ī Hi ni Nāre!!?) is the 50thand final episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 635th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Having been reunited, the girls catch up and reminisce about their time together. But when a new evil threatens to steal everyone's sweets, a new Cure appears to lend them a hand!


Now that they have properly reunited the girls decide to grab some strawberry melon bread while they catch up -passing by the cat they used to run into, who now has children - on what their lives have been up to as of late. The girls are amazed when Riko reveals that she's become a Teacher at the magic school and Mirai eagerly asks her to teach magic to her. Riko teases her by saying they should focus on having fun just like they used to, and with nobody around Ha-chan pulls out her wand.

She casts a spell on the memories within their beloved bread to transform the trio back to their middle school ages. Donning their old magic school uniforms the trio happily comment on how good Ha-chan's magic has gotten, but as they ask how she's been lately a strange gust of wind picks up their bags of Melon Bread and her wand, sending it all through a dark portal, with the doll Dokurokushe leaping in after them. The girls quickly follow before the portal closes and they are dropped off at the Magic School, where they see the same event unfolding at the school cafeteria.

Riko runs inside to ask her mom if she's alright, with her mother and Liz expressing surprise to see she's younger again. Mermaids Dorothy, Nancy, and Cissy appear and Riko scolds them for not evacuating as instructed, but they can't help but gush over how cute she looks again. Mirai and Ha-chan join them and they reunite with the mermaid girls, who reveal that it was Riko who helped to not only bring them to the school, but the Pegasus and other forest creatures.

Mirai compliments Riko and they go on to report what happened to Kouchou. He confides that he was worried over another cataclysm starting up when Batty alarms the girls, remarking that it's a remnant of Dokurokushe. Riko scolds him for hanging out on the Principal's ceiling -something she's had to do a few times now- and he apologizes while joining them. It's explained that Riko also managed to enroll him into the school, also earning praise from Mirai. Batty goes on to reveal that Dokurokushe loved sweets -with Kouchou pointing out that Kushe was the same- but one day he got a cavity. Yamoh fixed it, but he seems to be holding onto those lingering feelings and is trying to eat everything yummy now by being reborn as Dokuromushe.

Kouchou goes on to ask that the girls look into this matter and they take off, comes across various friends and family until a nearby explosion alerts them of the doll's presence. As they head to it, Sparda and Gamettsu -still just a spider and turtle- attempt to sneak up on the tome and girls, along with Yamoh -a tiny lizard lingering about Batty- who sees Dokuromushe in the crystal ball and becomes so overwhelmed by happiness that he transforms back into his humanoid form. He leaves to find him after he leaps through another portal, with the girls quickly giving chase.

The girls arrive to the No Magic world again but see neither of them nearby; but they spot a strange, colorful sweets shop on hill nearby. A girl suddenly appears and invites them inside as she allures them with her talk of special sweets. She compliments how cute Mofurun is, and when Ha-chan's tummy begins to growl, the girl becomes inspired. She runs into the nearby room and quickly prepares some cakes inspired by Mofurun. The girls quickly eat as she returns with some tea, and after they finish they prepare to leave. Mirai comments on how the happiness felt within this cake reminded her of the precious memories in the strawberry melon bread. She explains of how special it is to her to the mysterious girl and recalls some fond memories as they head outside. The girl introduces herself as Ichika Usami and explains how important it is to her to raise others happiness through her cakes.

As the girls hop on their brooms to continue their search they think about the many people they met during their time together, as well as the many lessons and experiences shared. Mirai explains that it was because of meeting Riko that helped her seek out what she wanted to do with her life. Riko agrees, stating that meeting Mirai taught her what it meant being a great magician; the greatest magic is the one that brings people together. She's gone on to teach her students this. Ha-chan and Mofurun agree with the sentiment, so Mirai reasons that this day could only be celebrated with the strawberry melon bread.

Donning their invisibility cloaks, the girls head to the bread stand thinking that the doll and Yamoh would show up there, but Mirai becomes distracted when she spots a little girl walking away, with a bunny in her backpack. It falls out and she quickly flies over to retrieve it, but to her surprise a girl who resembles Riko picked it up to let her know. Just then, the portal opens and the now larger Dokuromushe and Yamoh demand they hand over their strawberry melon bread. Riko sweeps in to help the girls while Mirai and Ha-chan landing as the doll begins stealing the sweets again. Chikurun appears with a pot of honey, but Mirai quickly rescues him with magic as the portal sucks him inside. He thanks them for saving him and reveals that he grabbed Ha-chan's wand while momentarily inside of it. He hands it over and the girls angrily transform into Pretty Cure to stop Dokuromushe's hoarding.

Before they can get away, pink cream shoots out and binds Dokuromushe, pulling him out of the portal and onto his face. The Cures are surprised to find a new Pretty Cure who prevented his escape, expressing frustration over his stealing of sweets. Felice quickly uses the Pink Tourmaline Linkle Stone to defend them from his attacks, allowing Miracle and Magical use Diamond Eternal to purify him and cure his cavity. So now he can actually enjoy the various sweets he's been craving. Chikurun offers him some money and he enjoys it, causing everyone to express relief. Magical goes on to invite them to return with her to the school and enroll, but Yamoh refuses so that he can remain with Dokuromushe. He promises to remember their help though, and is sure they will meet again. After they leave Miracle turns to look for the Cure to helped them but the girls has left already.

The girls sit down with their melon bread to finally eat it when Mofurun spots the little girls they helped earlier. Chikurun notices she is distracted and the girls observe them in silence as one little girl breaks her strawberry melon bread in half to share it, leading them to remember their first meeting.

Witnessing this blessed event, Mirai shouts out that she wants to help everyone be on good terms and make friends. Ha-chan agrees, saying that she will focus on bringing the two worlds as close as they were in the past again. Riko determines that in this case, she must become the Magic School Principal to help ensure this succeeds then.

As this is going on, Kouchou is driven in a panic when the crystal ball announces that a great force has awakened and she's seen the new Principal. He demands to know who it is as Dokuromushe and Yamoh appear to eat some frozen oranges they have in the office.

One of the oranges appear by the girls and transforms into the Rainbow Carriage, which everyone boards. They fly around the No Magic World on spreading strawberry-melon bread to everyone. As this is going on, Kouchou and crystal ball continue to speak, saying that regardless of what the future holds they will keep bringing forth a bright future.

The trio pick up their wands and together, they fast a spell to make today a great one.

Major Events

  • This episode marks the end of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and marks KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode to take its initial time slot.
  • Mirai, Riko and Kotoha return to Magic World.
  • Dokuromushe makes his only appearance.
  • Usami Ichika appears for the first time.
  • The KiraKira Patisserie appears for the first time.
  • It is revealed that Riko has become a teacher at the Magic School.
  • Dorothy, Nancy and Cissy, along with Batty, are now students at the Magic School.
  • Yamoh appears again when he hears about Dokurokushe returning.
  • It is also shown that Jun, Kay and Emily have pursued the dreams they have alluded to in episode 30.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • Cure Miracle and Cure Magical use their Dia forms in this episode.
  • In the end of the episode, Cure Miracle passes the baton to Cure Whip, much like the previous two seasons like Cure Flora did to Cure Miracle and what Cure Lovely did to Cure Flora.
  • Dokkin♢Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure!, the original opening of the season, can be heard toward the end of the episode.
  • This marks the first time a Cure from a different Pretty Cure series makes a cameo appearance in the current one, not counting the All Stars or Dream Stars continuities.
  • Solcière from Pretty Cure All Stars: Minna de Utau♪ Kiseki no Mahou! makes a small cameo appearance during one of the scenes in Magic World.
  • If you watch the ending message hand-off closely, all of the forms of Ha-chan appear briefly along with Pekorin in the cloud from the impact of Cure Whip hitting Cure Miracle.
  • Kumata from Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure!: Kiseki no Henshin! Cure Mofurun! makes a small cameo appearance during one of the scenes, sitting on a magic carpet in Magic World.


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