マアム Maamu
SeasonPretty Cure All Stars New Stage 3: Eien no Tomodachi
Eye ColorMagenta
Hair ColorPink
Home PlaceLand of Dreams
RelativesYumeta (son)
Theme ColorPink
Japanese Voice ActorHirano Fumi
Maamu (マアム Maamu?) is the mother of Yumeta and the primary antagonist of Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 3: Eien no Tomodachi. She always wants to protect her son and for that reason, keeps the children when they dream, trapped in her realm.



Maamu is first seen rescuing Nami from a Nightmare Beast and after her son shows her their realm, Maamu replies she can stay forever.

Meeting the Cures and trapping them

Soon after they meet her son, Maamu appears and tries to make the Cures leave but they refuse. She sends a Nightmare Beast after them then makes them leave. She gets the Pretty Cure guidebook and traps the other Cures except the Happiness Charge! Cures in their dreams.

Realizing the error of her ways.

After her son and Cures tell her the error of her ways, she tries to stop the Nightmare Beast but she was too weak to stop them. She lets her son stop them, learning to let go. She is later seen helping her son stop the Nightmare Beasts in the epilogue.


  • She is the second antagonist from the All Stars series to realize the error of her ways, preceded by Fuu-chan and followed by Solcière.




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