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Madoka Mari (円 茉里 Madoka Mari?) is a supporting character who appears in Doki Doki! Pretty Cure. She is the adoptive grandmother of Madoka Aguri. She holds tea classes and tea ceremonies at her home.


Mari has light brown hair, usually tied up in a bun, and maroon colored eyes. She is usually seen wearing her cream colored Tea Ceremony Kimono with a design of leaves and two pink flowers at the bottom and top, and a yellow and pastel blue ribbon to hold it up. She sometimes wears a green robe over it.


Madoka Mari is seen to be very calm and caring, as she adopted Aguri as her granddaughter when she found her, and was very understanding even after finding out about her secret as Cure Ace. She is a very sophisticated person, and runs a tea class, and occasional Tea Ceremonies at her home.


Meeting Aguri

The first time Mari met Aguri was a year prior to the start of the series. While preparing for a Tea Ceremony, she found Aguri fallen down to the ground, when they are about to be attacked by a Jikochuu she was battling before turning into that form and plummeting towards the ground, she transformed into her ten year old self and the Jikochuu disappeared. A mysterious voice told her of Aguri's identity as Cure Ace and told her to take care of her.

She decided to watch over her and kept it a secret from Aguri, telling her that she took her in one day when she had no other relatives, until she saw her lose her transformation after a battle against a Jikochuu with the rest of the girls.


  • Madoka Aguri - Aguri and Mari have a good relationship, as Aguri respects her grandmother, and Mari cares for her very much despite not really being related to her. She worried about her when she ran away after she revealed her secret, and could tell her drawing was full of love despite not having seen it yet. Since her strange meeting with her, she always believed she would have a special destiny.


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