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The Magic Broom (魔法のほうき Mahō no Hōki?) is a magical flying device used by the people of the Magic World in Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure!.


The Magic Broom takes the appearance of a normal looking pink broom with brown husks on the end that have gold stars and crescent moons connected to it. Unlike a normal broomstick used by the magicians of the Magic World, there is a pink and purple colored bow near the top of the handle when summoned by the Cures.

Kotoha's broom has a light green handle and light pink husks on the end with a pink bow near the top of the handle.


The broom is used by the characters to fly to different places. In episode 1, the broom can be summoned by the Cure to rebound off it to perform an attack.


  • This is the first item to be used in the ending theme as a prop by the Cures.


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