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Mailpo (メルポ Merupo?) is a walking pink mailbox that works with Syrup in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!. She helps with sending and receiving letters. In the last episode, it is said that she is the red rose that Syrup planted in Cure Rose Garden. She just disguises itself as a mailbox so she can be with Syrup all the time.


A pale pink box reminiscent of a little penguin. She has pale, dull orange feet and a clear blue screen at the center of her face with a rose design on top of it. At the top left and right corner is a pink heart design. 


Mailpo is a submissive creature who tries her best to please Syrup. She is hardworking but can be too naive to the point of being easily taken advantage of by any villain.


Mailpo often collects letters for Syrup to deliver. In episode 3, Milk sent letters to Mailpo which Syrup refuses to deliver so Mailpo does it and gets temporarily lost. This causes Nozomi and her friends to help Syrup look for her. In episode 9, she is the one who hides the cake the other characters are about to eat and causes the premise for the whole episode. In episode 46, Mailpo was lost in a mysterious black hole. In episode 48, it is revealed that Mailpo is the Rose that Syrup planted in the Rose Garden and went along because she wanted to be the same as Syrup (changing form).


  • Mailpo is the first mascot in the Pretty Cure universe whose design isn't based on a living creature as it has more of an inanimate object like appearance.
  • Mailpo is the only mascot in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! who can't transform into a human.




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