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マオ Mao
Mao & Blue Cat Toei Profile
SeasonStar☆Twinkle Pretty Cure
Eye ColorLime Green (Mao)

Red (Blue Cat)

Hair ColorLavender Magenta (Mao)
Dodger Blue (Blue Cat)
Home PlaceZeni (Starry Sky Galaxy)
Rainbow (originally)
First AppearanceSTPC15
Alter EgoBlue Cat
Japanese Voice ActorUesaka Sumire

Mao (マオ?) is a minor character who appears in Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure. She is an alien idol in the Starry Sky Galaxy and she ends her phrases with ~meow (ニャン ~nyan?). Mao's alter ego is Blue Cat (ブルーキャット?) and she is known as the phantom thief.


Mao has lavender magenta colored hair that just reaches her shoulders. On her head are two pale pink balls of cloth that are tied onto her head with yellow beads. Her eye color is lime green and on her ears are gold earrings. Her outfit is mainly pink, with a white collar that has a giant magenta bow attached to it. On the center of the bow is a gold bell. On the front of her shirt are two gold buttons, and she wears a blue belt around her waist. Her skirt is separated into two colors; pink and white with two layers underneath: a pale blue layer with a frilly pale yellow layer underneath that. She wears yellow beads on her arms, and white gloves as well as blue boots with a white frilly top that has yellow beads. She also has a black cat tail with a large pink bow attached to it by a gold band.

As Blue Cat, her hair turns dodger blue and is tied into braids by a gold tie. She wears a dark blue hat with a pale blue and black pattern near the rim. She also wears giant blue glasses with light pink frames and a dark blue choker with a gold pendant. Her outfit is a dark blue tailcoat with a white collar and layer underneath. Her skirt is pleated and blue. She wears white gloves that reach her shoulders with blue gloves that reach her wrists on top. Her boots are blue and her thigh high socks are white. Her cat tail is black.


As Mao, she is very friendly and acts cutesy towards others. As it later turns out, it was merely an act she puts on to conceal her true identity as a thief.

As Blue Cat, she is shown to be cunning by using the bright fireworks to make her break with the Princess Star Color Pen and Madoka's plan to use the star donuts as bargaining chips to win the pen at the Auction. According to Lala, she always gets what she seeks.


Mao first appears in episode 15, when Doramusu tells her it is time to go to the auction. There, she realizes Prunce is a fan of her music, so she uses her cuteness to persuade Doramusu in letting Prunce and the girls into the auction as well. To which she gives the girls, Fuwa and Prunce fancy looking outfits so they can fit in with the rest of people going to the auction. She then leaves to get ready for her performance, which she puts on right before the auction begins. Once done, she disappears. After stealing the Princess Star Color Pen that was being auctioned, she is found by the Cures thanks to Madoka's Star Color Pendant. She decides to reveal to the Cures that she is indeed Blue Cat but soon after, Aiwarn appears. She tells the Cures to transform and then tries to make her escape. However, Selene chases after her, leading to her having a one on one with Selene. Once realizing the other three Cures are struggling against Aiwarn's Nottoriga, and that Aiwarn hasn't changed at all since she last saw her, Blue Cat gives Selene the Princess Star Color Pen to defeat the Nottoriga. Once the battle is over, Blue Cat leaves without taking back the Princess Star Color Pen.


  • Aiwarn - As Blue Cat, Mao seems to know Aiwarn from some time in the past remarking that she hasn't changed. It is revealed in episode 19 that Blue Cat disguised herself and became Bakenyan in order to get closer to Aiwarn and learn why she attacked her planet, Rainbow, and turned most of its people to stone. She also wanted to try and get a hold of any Princess Star Color Pen she had so she could have them for herself and save her planet.
  • Prunce - By her music, Prunce was able to regain the determination to find the Pretty Cure. He became a big fan of hers but later had a change of heart after finding out that she was the space thief and was only using him and the Pretty Cure to steal the Star Color Pen. In episode 17, knowing about Prunce's adoration of Mao, Blue Cat briefly changes back into her to get him to help destroy a laser machine.

Blue Cat

STPC15 Blue Cat Appears
"Its identity is roaming throughout the universe. I'm the space phantom thief, Blue Cat!"
Sono shōtai wa zen uchū wo mata ni kakeru. Uchū kaitō, Burū Kyatto!

Blue Cat (ブルーキャット?) is Mao's true identity which is known as the phantom thief. In order to transform, she needs her cat perfume.


  • Stealth Stealing: Blue Cat has the ability to commit thefts rapidly & stealthily without anyone noticing.
  • Impersonating Disguise: With a spray of her cat perfume, Blue Cat can disguise herself as other people.


Mao (マオ?) is most likely from the Chinese word Mao ( Māo?) which means cat[1].

Blue Cat are combined words: Blue meaning "of the color whose hue is that of the color blue"[2], while Cat means "a carnivorous mammal long domesticated as a pet and for catching rats and mice"[3]. Otherwise, it comes from both her color scheme and her feline theme.


Mao's voice actor, Uesaka Sumire has participated in an image song for the character she voices.



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Blue Cat


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