March Shoot!

March Shoot (マーチシュート Māchi Shūto?) (called Sparkle Shot in Glitter Force) is a basic finishing move that Cure March uses. To use it, Cure March needs to charge her Smile Pact with enough fighting spirit to make it glow and grant her the power to perform the attack. This move requires plenty of energy to perform, making Cure March feel exhausted after using it.

March Shoot is capable of successfully purifying Red and possibly Yellow Nose Akanbe monsters but does not work against Blue Nose Akanbe.

In episode 42, March uses a powered-up version of this attack, named March Shoot Impact (マーチシュートインパクト Māchi Shūto Inpakuto?) or Sparkle Shot Maximum Impact in Glitter Force.


Cure March first charges up her Smile Pact with her fighting spirit, making it glow and granting her power. When enough fighting spirit has been collected, the Smile Pact explodes with wind energy that lifts Cure March off the ground and into the air. March then compresses the wind into a ball and kicks it at the enemy soccer-style.

In episode 23, March can create more than hundreds of these compressed wind balls and can kick all of them in quick succession during her fight against Majorina.

In episode 29, she uses March Shoot with her head rather than her foot to win her baseball match against Majorina.

In episode 38, young Cure March uses March Shoot.  Unlike the regular attack, she just runs and kicks a smaller ball of wind.  It was way too weak to do much damage to the Akanbe.

In episode 42, March uses a powered-up version of the attack, named March Shoot Impact (マーチシュートインパクト Māchi Shūto Inpakuto?), against a Hyper Akanbe. She first spins into a tornado, collecting wind energy. She then delivers a powerful kick, which sends the Hyper Akanbe up high. She uses this attack again in episode 46. Only this time, March used it to kick Bad End March's Bad End Shoot and reflect it back at her.



Cure March: プリキュアマーチシュート!


Cure March: Purikyua Māchi Shūto!

Literal Translation

Cure March: Pretty Cure March Shoot!

English version

Gitter Spring: Glitter Force Sparkle Shot!





March Shoot (Cure March) ~HD

March Shoot (Cure March) ~HD

March Shoot Impact (Cure March) ~HD

March Shoot Impact (Cure March) ~HD

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