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Masuko Michio (益子道男?) is a minor character who appears in Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure. He is the only member of the Sukoyaka Middle School Newspaper Club.


Michio has wavy brown hair that reaches his chin and wears glasses. He is usually seen wearing his school uniform which consists of a white long sleeved dress shirt, cream colored vest, red tie, grey pants and dark brown shoes. He has brown eyes that are hidden behind his glasses.


Michio is a passionate boy who will go to extreme lengths just to get a good story for the school's newspaper. Nonetheless, he is kindhearted and knows when he has gone too far.


Prior to the season, Michio's love for being journalist was when he came across a spiderweb covered in raindrops. He wrote a story about it which got acclaimed, which pushed him to pursue being a journalist.

In episode 7, Michio first appeared stalking Nodoka as he was under the impression that she was the reason behind the recent monster attacks. Despite Chiyu and Hinata trying everything to distract him, he still managed to find Nodoka and kept following her until she fell over. He rushed to her aid and explained why he was so obsessed with exposing her. Later that day, he comes across a Megabyogen attack and tries interviewing it when he didn't see Nodoka anywhere, ignoring the actual summoner, Guaiwaru. The Megabyogen flings Michio to the side which causes his camera and glasses to go flying. When he eventually finds his glasses, the Megabyogen had already been purified which upsets him but he tells Nodoka that he knows she isn't the one who summoned the monsters and runs off to write a story about the Pretty Cure.

In episode 8, Michio gives Nodoka and Hinata a brief explanation of the school track and field team. As he shows them the photos he took earlier, Chiyu shows up. Concerned for Chiyu, Hinata panics when Michio approaches her and pushes him against the fence.

In episode 34, Michio appears in front of the girls and tells them he will publish a special edition issue commemorating Chiyu's victory in the high jump event. But he is quickly pushed away by fangirls who had come to admire Chiyu.

He is among the affected people when King Byogen infects the Earth in episode 43, but joins in with the rest to support the Cures to defeat King Byogen in episode 44. He later promises Maruyama-sensei to refrain from publishing news about the identities of the Cures.





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