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If you want to look for the similar character with the same features; please go to the Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! character, Masuko Miyo.

Masuko Mika (増子美香 Masuko Mika?) is the reporter of the L'École des Cinq Lumières Middle School newspaper. She wears glasses that shine whenever she senses a scoop, which usually involves Pretty Cure or Natts. She is also always trying to get an interview of Pretty Cure to publish in the newspaper.



Mika has short boyish brown hair with thick bangs. Her brown eyes are hidden behind a pair of oval glasses. She is normally depicted in her school uniform.


Mika is very outgoing and will do anything for a story and is very obsessed with Pretty Cure and school mysteries. Midway though Yes! Pretty Cure 5 she has a slight change of heart but does not lose her obsession with Pretty Cure.


Minazuki Karen: In one of the episodes, it is revealed that she has no friends when she mentions that she is jealous of Karen's friendship with the others.

Natts: She has a heavy crush on Natts' human form, which Natts often uses to stop her from writing a big scoop about Pretty Cure's actions.


Masuko Mika: Her name is a pun on masukomi (マスコミ), which is the way Japanese abbreviates the English "mass communication". Within the universe of Yes! Pretty Cure 5, Mika requests people to call her Masukomi-ka.


Yes! Pretty Cure 5

In Yes! Pretty Cure 5 she is fascinated by mysteries and is obsessed with trying to figure out who the cures are. She comes close to doing so but is often distracted by Natts's human form. She finally succeeds in taking alot of pictures of the cures in action but decides not to print them without permission. She still does not give up her pursuit of the cures through almost the whole season.


  • In episode 8 of Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!, a character called Masuko Miyo makes an appearance - as both of their names are similar, Miyo and Mika also appear to have the same features - personality and looks, but this does not mean that they are the same person.


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