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If you want to look for the similar character with the same features; please go to the Yes! Pretty Cure 5 and Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! character, Masuko Mika.

Masuko Miyo (増子 美代 Masuko Miyo?) is a reporter in the Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! universe. She is reporting about Japan and other countries' Pretty Cures.


Miyo has short brown hair and wears glasses. She looks similar to Masuko Mika from Yes! Pretty Cure 5 universe, but they are not the same despite their similar appearances, or name.


Like Mika, she is involved in mass communication. Although she is a broadcast reporter instead of a print one, she is also very enthusastic and engaging when she reports on the Cures from other countries. She loves to interview, but she can't stand being the interviewed.


Miyo first appears on her TV weekly show Pretty Cure Weekly Showing International Pretty Cure around the world. She introduces herself as Mass Media Masuko Miyo. She talks about the International Pretty Cures in Texas - the Bomber Girl Pretty Cures, the France only Cure - Cure Earl and finally the Wonderful Net Pretty Cure but she announces to everyone that their attention is in Pikarigaoka, Japan - the Happiness Charge Pretty Cure. Miyo arrives in Pikarigaoka witnessing the Happiness Charge Pretty Cure defeating a Saiark with Twin Miracle Shoot. She interviews them and asks whats their power is and their answer is friendship. Miyo later returns to Pikarigaoka where two Saiarks are fighting against Lovely and Princess. She interviews Oresky and wants to know why he is doing this. Miyo later watches Lovely and Princess get saved by the arrival of Cure Fortune and defeating both of the Saiarks.

In episode 16, Miyo is given a Love Crystal by Blue but she is unable to become a Pretty Cure due to being in a position where she gives everyone hope (namely a news reporter reporting on the progress of the Pretty Cure fights against the Saiark). By the end of Episode 16, she is seen wearing the crystal on her necklace.


Her whole name is a pun of Japanese word Mass Media (Masukomi), but this doesn't mean she is Mika - this might mean they are either related or this is because Happiness Charge Pretty Cure is the 10th anniversary series.



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