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Mermaid Queen (人魚の女王?) is the queen of Grand Ocean from Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure.



Mermaid Queen has long turquoise colored hair that reaches her tail, with her crown holding up some of her hair into a giant bun, decorated with white pearls, with two long streaks of her hair stuck out and has a blue ombre at the end. Her dress is white with pale blue accents, and a yellow trim at the end of her sleeves. On her chest is a dark blue gem. Her tail is pink and lilac.


Mermaid Queen is a kindhearted and gentle individual who trusts her people, especially Laura.


  • Laura - Her chosen candidate to inherit her throne. She cares deeply for Laura and sees her as one of her children.
  • Kururun - Her pet.


After the Witch of Delays takes her kingdom's Motivation Power, the Mermaid Queen sends Laura to the human world with a Tropical Pact to find a human who has the ability to transform into a Pretty Cure.TRPC01

Later, the Mermaid Queen meets up with Laura, and praises her for successfully finding the Pretty Cure. She is also pleased to know that Laura has decided to stay on the surface longer to help her human friends. She gives Laura an old petrified pact that eventually turns into Laura's Mermaid Aqua Pact. TRPC17


  • It is confirmed by character designer Yukiko Nakatani in a February interview that the Mermaid Queen, along with the Witch of Delays, are centuries old, in which she mentioned that she was explicitly told by the director that their large sizes were indicative of their age.


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