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  • I live in Colombia
  • I was born on February 1
  • My occupation is Estudiar
  • I am Femenino
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  • You are not in trouble. I want to try and help you improve on the way you write your comments.

    Ever since you've joined, you seem to always stir the pot. Either on purpose or by accident. I hope it's by accident. Either with your language, or your negativity or you just always saying someone is wrong while you are right.

    I don't mind if you politely say a theory is wrong and then back up why in a polite manner. But in discussions, you always seem to come off rude. Now I'm not sure if you realise that, but I think it's obvious that a lot of users don't like your attitude. 

    I for one don't like it. 

    In discussions, you really seem to diss theories you hate. And yes if you hate it, okay. Fine. But you don't have to diss a theory you hate in a manner that comes of extremely rude. I didn't mind that you dissed my theory, but I didn't like the manner you used to diss it.

    In the episode discussion did you have to say "That's really wrong"? That just comes off so mean and horrible, so everything after that just came off bitter. And I get that it's hard to come off nice when you're being blunt. I've had these moments too so I can relate to the struggle. But in almost every single message you write, you never seem to try and be nice. I did not want to say that, but I guess I kinda had to.

    I'm saying this because I don't want you to get blocked here again. As I think you got blocked by another admin for this same exact reason. Now I am not gonna block you. Because I know you can be nice. I've noticed you be nice but in discussions you just come off rude and just need to improve on that.

    So what I'm trying to say is, in discussions you can still say that people's theories are weak or something but try and respond in a nice way. Try and tell us why you think that theory is wrong in a polite way. Because myself and other users might feel like you're attacking us which is why I or other users might come off offended in our response. There's nothing wrong with being blunt, but only if you make sure your words don't come off rude. 

    Off topic and it's not something bad btw! I noticed that you also said "insert swear words here". That's okay but I like to let you know, you can say child friendly swear words. Words that sensor that swear words. You can get creative, like I do XD I just find it weird when I see people say "insert swear words here" so you can say "eff/frick" for "f*ck" or "dang/darn" for "damn" (which I personally don't see as a bad word) and stuff. You don't have to censor yourself with "insert swear words here"^^ 

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  • you said Ha-chan turns into a rolling meatball when she uses the Linkle Stone Garnet. Can you give me a picture? Because...what? I can't believe that for a second until I see it. 

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    • "Watch your language". I cannot with someone who erase the editions of other editor because "I don't believe it until I see it". If you want to see it then WATCH THE EPISODE and then erase or edit if it is true or not. Also, this is a girls' show when a fairy gets flowers surrounding her after eating a pancake, a grape helmet after eating grapes and you think is unlogical if she eats meat ball and became one!? Use your head asshole.

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    • Maybe I should have watched episode fifteen or whatever episode garnet appeared in before saying that. But still, we don't allow language like that. I know you're frustrated with me, that is rather obvious but how can I use my head when I'm tired, frustrated and having to deal with trolls who come to this wiki? 

      I'm sure you have moments when you don't think as you're too tired or frustrated with something else? 

      The reason why I said "I don't believe it until I see it" was because I didn't even know that form existed until you posted that picture. I seriously thought it was some sort of joke. But, like you said, I should have watched the episode first - whatever the episode was.

      Also, you do realise...I am an admin, so using that language -swear words- around me or some other admin could get you in trouble. Good thing I'm using my head and not doing anything as you really did help in fixing that error. You really did, so thank you. 

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