aka 🌸(💥‿💥)🌸

  • I live in this wiki. 😎
  • My occupation is using the internet everyday! 😉
  • I am very uncanny when it comes to (some of) my profile pages... 😐
  • Bio Hi! I'm SachiyoHasegawa818 but you can call me Sachiyo for short. ;) I joined the FANDOM community just for fun and to help other wikis out! I promise I will not vandalize, spam, or harass users on this wiki.

    I'm a very nice, friendly and helpful person but sometimes (or rarely) rude and/or harsh depending on my mood or someone harassing me. I'm also a sensitive (not extremely sensitive) person so please be careful on what you say to me or else, "YOU'LL FACE THE CONSEQUENCES". Sorry for being harsh, it's because the way you treat me is how I treat you too. A lot of people do this too right?

    The thing is, I don't really communicate to anyone else that much because I'm not... really a sociable person (in fact, I'm actually an introvert) but, we can be friends of course! :D And no, I'M NOT A SNOB! >:P

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  • hii ^_^ im actually new to this wiki so i just dropped in to say hi hehe......i wanna make some new friends :33 

    whos your fav villain in GoPri? Mine is Close :D 

    also nice fav cures page ^^

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    • Oh hi again Itzz! I see you changed your avatar. ;)

      Wow! The calendar looks good! Hope it will release next year.

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    • yeah haha :D Shut with headphones 

      i knoow right........cant wait for other 5 pages to be available ^^

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • that image is aleady uploaded in to this wiki your 2014 late 

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  • I saw that you'll create "new pages". If you do create new pages, don't leave it blank, be sure to at least fill in some info. And I haven't seen you do this except for your user page and you don't have to change it there but be sure that on the actual pages, write "Pretty Cure" and not "Precure", "PreCure" or "precure". I just wanted to let you know in advance :) Also, Happy Birthday for yesterday~

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    • Thanks Hibiki for the birthday greeting! :D And yes, I already know what to do because I read the rules.

      By the way, is it okay to give a link to the character's seiyuus on their character template? Because I'm having a hard time searching them on wikipedia without the link. >.<

      Speaking of "Pretty Cure" and not "Precure", "Precure" or "precure", may I suggest you can update the rules? Because I heard from Shadowneko that he said that do not create unnecessary categories on this wiki such as "Evil Turns Good" but it's not listed on the rules. Oh and you can put other rules on this wiki that aren't listed in the rules.

      P.S, Shadowneko and Walking on Sunshine can update the rules too... ;)

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    • You're welcome.

      Oh good~ I'll update the rules. Hopefully Sunshine can fix any mistakes I make if I make any~

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, welcome to Pretty Cure Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the User:SachiyoHasegawa818 page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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