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  • I'm going to be around abit but I'm not sure how the admin stuff is going since I was away for far too long. Way back when I adopted this place when the previous admin just went missing for a year so there was no one. I'm willing to help as longs as I'm not tripping over sunshine or hibki's toes since no matter what it's supposed to be a united front.

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    • Ah okay. Well, I'm not desperate to even ask for a place anyway.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • *coughs* Thank you for taking care for the latest incidents at the wiki. I sadly didn't look at the wiki until it was over.

    I've looked into all edits of this CureBlush and have noticed your short chat with them. And... you know? I've seen people doing such kind of "chat" before. From experience I know users like that only cause trouble and I went ahead blocking the user now.

    Anyway, thanks against for taking care of it ^.^

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