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Michiko (美智子 Michiko?) (or Katie in the English dub Glitter Force Doki Doki) is a little girl who Mana helps in episode 1. She appears later on when a Jikochuu attacks the area she is in and Mana runs to save her.



Michiko is a little girl with brown eyes and short brown hair pulled into pigtails held with yellow bows. She wore a pink dress with white frill trim and collar, along with dark pink loafers and pale pink socks. A raspberry-colored purse hands from her right shoulder.



Mana originally finds Michiko in Clover Tower after the young girl had gotten separated from her mother. Mana calms her down by teaching her a charm that involves drawing a heart on the palm of her hand with her finger and making a wish. Soon after making a wish, Michiko reunites with her mother and thanks Mana for her help.

Later, Mana sees Michiko once again as she and her parents enter the elevator that takes tourists to the top of the tower. When a Jikochuu appears from the heart of a man who is tempted to cut in the long line towards the elevator, it eventually climbs up to the top of the tower and begins to terrorize the tourists, including Michiko and her parents.

While running away from the Jikochuu, Michiko trips and is almost trampled by the crab-like monster. However, Mana arrives, having remembered Michiko was upstairs and wanting to keep her safe, and manages to get her out of the way. Michiko then leaves the building with her thankful parents to get to safety.


Michiko - Mi (?) means "beautiful", Chi (?) means "thousand" and Ko (?) means "child".



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