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Miden (ミデン?) is a cloth-like entity and the main antagonist in this movie called HUGtto! Pretty Cure♡Futari wa Pretty Cure: All Stars Memories.


Miden is a monstrous creature, featuring a body that has elongated arms in a cloth-like body, but its true form is a camera. Whenever Miden uses a certain Cure's attack or recalls their memories, its colour scheme changes to that of the Cure it is copying.


Miden is described as a character who has a special ability to steal the Pretty Cures' memories and to copy their catchphrases (for example, Nagisa's "Bucchake Arienai!") and attacks. The Cures soon learn that it went around stealing their memories because it didn't have any good ones of its own, so it took theirs to have those kinds of memories.

Powers and Abilities

Miden can fly, change anyone into a baby by stealing their memories for itself, and when fighting the Pretty Cures it can summon an army of black mini-versions of itself to hold the Cures off while it makes a getaway.

When Miden had most of the Cures' memories, it was able to use some of their attacks, such as Shiny Luminous' Heartiel Action and Cure Whip's Whip Decoration among others. To absorb their memories and change them into babies, Miden's eyes become red and it fires a bright blue beam at the target.


  • Miden's name is taken from the brand of camera that it inhabited.
    • "Miden" (μηδεν) is also greek for "zero".
  • Miden's concept resembles a tsukumogami, which are objects that in time end up possessing a spirit, according to Japanese folklore.
    • Additionally, characters have noted that Miden’s physical appearance resembles a teru teru bōzu, a Japanese talisman in the form of a doll made of white cloth. It is thought that hanging one up would bring good weather.
  • Miden is similar in concept to Clarinet, the main villain of Doki Doki! Pretty Cure: Mana Kekkon!!? Mirai ni Tsunagu Kibō no Dress who was actually a sentient clarinet.


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