Midorikawa Genji
緑川 源次 Midorikawa Genji
Genji Midorikawa Offical Profile.jpg
Season Smile Pretty Cure!
Gender Male
Home Place Nanairogaoka
Relatives Midorikawa Tomoko (wife)
Midorikawa Siblings (sons and daughters)
Midorikawa Nao (daughter)
First Appearance SmPC19
Japanese Voice Actor Nobutoshi Canna

Midokawa Genji (緑川 源次 Midorikawa Genji?) is a minor character in Smile Pretty Cure!. He is the father of the Midorikawa Siblings and Midorikawa Nao, as well as the husband of Midorikawa Tomoko. He is really kind and sometimes childish. He has a great bond with his children.


Midorikawa Nao - His daughter, he takes care of her like her other siblings.

Midorikawa Siblings - His other sons, and daughters, he also takes care of them.


Genji appears always with a white shirt and also wears blue jeans. He has dark brown hair, and also brown eyes.


First appearance

Genji first appears as he tells Nao about her name origin, he said that he wanted to bring her up to be a straightforward person, like him. SmPC19

Tomoko's childbirth

Genji appeared in the bridge waving his arm and girls & siblings came to he. Genji drove the siblings and the Cures to the hospital, where they waited in the lounge to get to the room where Tomoko was. Suddenly the baby crying started and everyone smiled. They went to see the newborn baby and Genji told everyone that she will be named Yui. Yui touched Nao's finger and everyone smiled. SmPC42



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