Midorikawa Tomoko
緑川 とも子 Midorikawa Tomoko
Tomoko Midorikawa Offical Profile
SeasonSmile Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorDark Green
Home PlaceNanairogaoka
RelativesMidorikawa Genji (husband)
Midorikawa Siblings (sons and daughters)
Midorikawa Nao (daughter)
First AppearanceSmPC15
Japanese Voice ActorTakahashi Rie
Midokawa Tomoko (緑川 とも子 Midorikawa Tomoko?) is a minor character in Smile Pretty Cure!. She is the mother of the Midorikawa Siblings and Midorikawa Nao, as well as the wife of Midorikawa Genji.


Tomoko has short, dark green hair, and brown eyes.

Unlike most other mother characters in the Pretty Cure series has more of a thicker and older appearance instead of the usual skinny and younger look that most of them tend to have.


First appearance

Tomoko makes a brief appearance, as it is shown that her daughters, and sons made her a gift for Mother's Day, which was a cloth as it had a knitted rose. SmPC15

Giving birth

Tomoko was pregnant and was going to deliver her 7th child. She goes to a hospital, and then tells her children to cook for her. Each of them go to get the ingridients, however the siblings get separated as Nao and some of them search for them. Her other siblings get trapped by Majorina, however with the help of the Cures. They defeat the Akanbe and get the siblings safe again. Nao and the others then go to the hospital and see the new baby, Yui. SmPC42


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