Mikoshiba Kento
御子柴 健人 Mikoshiba Kento
SeasonFresh Pretty Cure!
AgePresumably 14
Eye ColorDark brown
Hair ColorDark brown
Home PlaceClover Town
First AppearanceFPC05
Japanese Voice ActorToshiyuki Toyonaga

Mikoshiba Kento (御子柴健人 Mikoshiba Kento?) is a friend of Chinen Daisuke's who introduces Momozono Love's friends. He is rather timid, gets scared easily, addresses everyone with the suffix -san and is the heir to the Mikoshiba Conglomerate. It is believed that he has a crush on Yamabuki Inori. In episode 41, he invites Inori on a boat and buys her a dress with a clover symbol. He shows interest in Inori's alter ego, Cure Pine as well as Cure Passion, while the two other boys comment on how much they admire Cure Peach and Cure Berry, Kento decides not to leave Cure Passion out. He soon finds out that Inori is indeed Cure Pine.


Kento has short, brown hair and dark brown eyes. He wears a pair of black glasses, and is usually seen wearing his school uniform, the same as Daisuke's and Sawa Yuuki's, although Kento's uniform is more formal looking, a white shirt under a pale red jacket, with a green and yellow striped tie, light grey pants, white socks and black shoes.


Kento is very polite. He is shy and nervous around Inori, because of his feelings for her. He is also quite timid and gets scared easily.


Chinen Daisuke - Daisuke is one of Kento's best friends, who introduces Kento to Love, Miki and Inori.

Yamabuki Inori - Kento seems to have a crush on Inori, as well as having Cure Pine as his favorite Cure of the four.


  • He is the only one of the three boys from Love's school who seems to admire more than one Cure. In this case, he first says that he is fond of Cure Pine, but after Cure Passion joins the Fresh! Cures, he comments on how he is fond of her as well.
    • However, this might only be because he did not want to leave Cure Passion out.


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