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Milky Palette (ミルキーパレット Mirukī Paretto?) is a device used by Mimino Kurumi to transform into Milky Rose by saying "Skyrose Translate!" in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!. It is also used to perform Milky Rose Blizzard.


A lilac object reminiscent of an eye shadow palette, with a large section for a hand to fit through it. On each side is a pale screen surrounding several buttons; five small butterfly pieces coming in blue, green, yellow, red, and pink, with pale, slightly bigger buttons beneath it coming in pale indigo, pale violet, and pale pink.


The Milky Palette is used by Kurumi to transform into Milky Rose. The palette gets activated by pressing the three purple-colored buttons of the device. Then, the lower display starts glowing purple and Kurumi can transform by shouting "Skyrose Translate!". Furthermore, Milky Rose can use the Milky Palette to perform Milky Rose Blizzard. Before Milky Rose can perform the attack, the buttons of the Milky Palette have to shine, while the pen must be attached to the palette.

In addition, the Milky Palette is also needed in order to perform Metal Blizzard. The Milky Palette must be fused with the power of the Milky Note to create the Milky Mirror with which Milky Rose can then perform the attack.



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