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Minamino Sousuke
南野 奏介 Minamino Sousuke
Kanon p 03
Season Suite Pretty Cure♪
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Home PlaceKanon Town
Relatives Minamino Misora (wife),

Minamino Kanade (daughter), Minamino Souta (son)

First AppearanceSPC04
Japanese Voice ActorTōru Ōkawa

Minamino Sousuke (南野 奏介 Minamino Sousuke?) is Kanade and Souta's father, and husband of Misora. He hosts the cake store Lucky Spoon along with his family, in Kanon Town. He always gets new ideas, in development of recipes.



He has brown hair and a brown beard. He wears glasses and he seems to be always wearing his chef hat and outfit.


Sousuke always gets new idea when developing recipes.


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