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Minamino Souta (南野 奏太 Minamino Sōta?) is Kanade's younger brother. He is often seen with his friend, Shirabe Ako.


Souta has brown hair and eyes, similar to his older sister Kanade. He wears a blue and green polo shirt, with dark red pants, white and red socks, and black and red shoes.

As Sun Man in episode 41, Souta is masked with a yellow sun and he pretends to be like the Cures.


He really likes soccer. Souta also appears to have a bit of a crush on Ako, and isn't fazed by her strict nature, where he once invited her to play soccer. He annoys Kanade a lot as well, but does so in a loving way.


He first appears in episode 6 with Ako, where she insults Hibiki and Kanade, which he laughs at.


  • Shirabe Ako: They are best friends in elementary school. He cares about her to the point of not being able to leave her alone. During Halloween, Hibiki, Kanade and Ellen surprise him by having Ako dress up as a princess.
  • Minamino Kanade: His older sister. The two often fight and tease each other. They do care for one another, as siblings do. In episode 6, Souta made a cupcake for Kanade on White Day with Hibiki's help. However, this caused a misunderstanding, which had Souta saying he hated Kanade. Later that same episode, after a Negatone appeared, Rhythm comforted him, saying that his older sister is only showing that she cares, no matter how much she scolds him.
  • Hojo Hibiki: They get along well. Souta gave Hibiki a cupcake as thanks for helping him out with Kanade's White Day gift. Souta sees Hibiki as an older sister, calling her "Hibiki-neesan."



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