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SmPC Candys Miracle Jewel

Miracle Jewel in Candy's chest

The Miracle Jewel (ミラクル ジュエル Mirakuru Jueru?) is an item from Smile Pretty Cure! that contains the power of The Light of Hope. At the beginning of the story, Royal Queen tries to hide the truth about the jewel with a fake story about the Miracle Jewel being a jewel that can make any wish come true.


The Miracle Jewel is a flower-shaped ornament composed of five gem petals coming in pink, orange, yellow, green, and blue. The center is a large pearl. In its other form it is a large, gold droplet-shaped gem with each shard lined in pure glitter. A pair of white folded wings surround it.


Royal Queen hid the truth of the Miracle Jewel with a story about it being a jewel that can make any wish come true, because the Royal Queen wanted to protect the Miracle Jewel from Pierrot's grab. in Episode 46, it was revealed that the Miracle Jewel is in truth a jewel that gave birth to a new Queen of Märchenland, Candy, and it can't make any wish come true, but its power can be used to release the Power of Hope in the midst of despair.


The Miracle Jewel was created from the full turn of Royal Clock, which absorbed Candy into itself and it became an unhatched Miracle Jewel egg, it can hatch from the power of completed set of Cure Decor.


The Miracle Jewel contains the Power of Hope and the Light of Hope, its power can be used to release the Power of Hope in the midst of despair, it also can connect with Precure's feeling of never giving up, and release the Light of Hope, it also is an item that help the Smile! Cures and Royal Candy release the power of their ultimate attack, Miracle Rainbow Burst.

The Miracle Jewel is also the one who can connect the Earth and Märchenland, if its power is lost, then the Earth and Märchenland's connection is cut.


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