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The Miracle Lights (ミラクルライト Mirakuru Raito?) are small, magical lights used in various Pretty Cure movies to give the Pretty Cures special powers or revive their strength, and are handed out in theaters so that the audience can cheer on the Cures as well.

They have different designs that vary from movie to movie and are reminiscent of glow sticks for concerts and Japanese idol shows.


Before Pretty Cure movie showings in theaters, the staff hands out Miracle Lights to the kids in the audience. The beginning of a movie features a short scene where the safety measures are explained (for example, that you should not hold them near your eyes to prevent eye strain). The kids are supposed to wave them and cheer for the Cures when they are in a pinch.

In the movies, they are used by their fairy partners as well as civilians. The latest Miracle Lights are the Dream Pendent from Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure: Yume no Machi de Kyun! tto GoGo! Daihenshin!!. In many movies the Miracle Lights are also a power-up item used to transform the Cures into more powerful forms.

The movie Pretty Cure Miracle Universe expands on the lore of the Miracle Lights - they are produced by the inhabitants of Planet Miracle in their factories. They regard the Cures as legendary beings, and do not actually know their names and identities. The Miracle Lights are distributed over the universe, so they can appear when the Cures need them.

List of Miracle Lights

So far, there are 24 Miracle Light designs introduced, each debuting in several Pretty Cure Movies since Yes! Pretty Cure 5. They are:



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