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Singer(s) Writer Composer Arranger Time Appears in
Machico eNu Ōhashi Riko
KOH 01:30 (TV Size)
04:01 (Full)
Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure Theme Song Single
Link Ring The 3 Cures
Miracle tto♥Link Ring! (ミラクルっと♥Link Ring!?) is first ending theme for the Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure series. The song debuted in episode 1 on February 2nd, 2020.


The ending starts with a zoom in on the Cures dancing in a field. We then cut to individual close up shots of Sparkle, Fontaine and Grace posing. As the song kicks in, the Cures start dancing with big grins on their faces. The Cures to proceed to continue dancing in a field of flowers until the pre-chorus kicks in, where the sun starts to set and it becomes night time. As the pre-chorus starts, we see Pegitan, Nyatoran and Rabirin who winks at the camera.

As the Cures continue to dance, the camera moves around them to imitate a clock. We then cut to Fontaine and Sparkle making trees grow as the sun comes out. In the next shot, we have a close up of the Flower Melody Bell. The camera zooms out to show all 3 Cures holding the Flower Melody Bell while they dance. As the song progresses, the seasons change from summer to fall to winter to spring. During the fall segment, the Cures get close and cuddle before watching the day become winter.

As the song ends in the spring segment, we get individual close ups of the Cures again where they move the Flower Melody Bell up to their chest before posing together and the camera zooming out.


TV Size Ver.

Sukitōtta hikari wa hajimari wo terashite
Daisuki tte omoi ga kirari kirari hikaru

Sugoshita jikan wa mirai no takaramono
Ima made mo (ima made mo) korekara mo (korekara mo)
Taisetsu ni shite ikou

Mirakuru tto♥Link Ring! Sekaijū hirogaru
Nijiiro no yume kaban ni tsumete
Dekakeyou supesharu dē!
Mirakuru tto♥Link Ring! Hitori janai kara
Nandatte dekiru
Tsunaida te wo hanasanaide gyutto

I believe in you, my friends
Sēno de hai tacchi!
Wake atte futari watashi to kimi to
Issho dakara Purikyua!

透き通った光は はじまりを照らして
大好きって想いが きらりきらり光る

いままでも(いままでも) これからも(これからも)

ミラクルっと♥Link Ring!世界中広がる
虹色のゆめ カバンに詰めて
ミラクルっと♥Link Ring!一人じゃないから

I believe in you、my friends
分けあって二人 わたしときみと

A crystal clear light that illuminates the beginning
The feelings of my love will shine bright

The time you spent is the future's treasure
Up until now (up until now) from now on (from now on)
Let's be careful with it

Miracle tto♥Link Ring! Spread it all around the world
Pack all your colorful dreams into your bag
And let's go out on a special day!
Miracle tto♥Link Ring! Because you aren't alone
You can do anything
Hold hands tightly and never let go

I believe in you, my friends
Ready, set and high five!
We share everything because you and I
Are Pretty Cure together!

Full Ver.

Character Appearance

Note: Names listed by order of appearance.


  • This is the first ending song in the Pretty Cure franchise to be sung by Machico.



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