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The Mirai Brace (ミライブレース Mirai Burēsu?) is a device in HUGtto! Pretty Cure that the Cures use to perform the attacks All • For • You! and Tomorrow With Everyone. It also has the ability to temporarily turn normal people into Pretty Cures.


The Mirai Braces are generally pink in color, with the wristbands a darker pink. On each brace, there is a white Mirai Crystal set into it that resembles Mirai Crystal White. Below it, there is a pink bow with a multi-faceted crystal in the center. On either side of the bow, there are two heart-shaped crystals- on the left, blue and red, while yellow and purple are on the right.


The Mirai Braces first appear in episode 37 as friendship bracelets that the main characters make using a bracelet-making machine. In the same episode, during a fight where all of the major Pretty Cures are allied against Doctor Traum, a miraculous power turns them into the Mirai Braces. The Mirai Braces summon minor Cures and warriors from throughout the franchise to help, including Cure Bright, Cure Windy, Westar, Soular, Cure Flower, Royale Candy, Cure Echo, Regina, Cure Sunset, Cure Wave, Cure Mofurun, Kuroki Rio, and Cure Pekorin. Along with everyone, the HUGtto! team uses the Mirai Braces to perform the attack All • For • You!.

In episode 39, the Mirai Braces are used in Tomorrow With Everyone for the first time.

In episode 42, a miracle brought forth from the Mirai Braces allows Wakamiya Henri to transform into a new Pretty Cure, Cure Infini. His broken leg is temporarily healed during this transformation.

In episode 48, the Mirai Braces turn almost everyone in Hagukumi City, Henri included, into Pretty Cures. The huge crowd of Cures uses Tomorrow With Everyone together to defeat George Kurai.



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